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I was looking for a TTL flash unit for my Nikon D100 dslr camera and was unable to decide which flashI should choose from the following options;

1. SB-80DX
2. SB-28DX
3. SB-600

My primary aim is to use it with my D100, however I was thinking in terms of compatibilty of the unit with the other current and future models of Nikon DSLR's.

Presently, I am using SB-25 speedlight which works in Auto mode but no TTL metering is available.

Any help is much appreciated,

Thanks in Advance.

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I'd suggest that you look very carefully at the specifications on the Nikon site before choosing. It really depends on the usage and what power you need. I use it for night motor racing and so went for the SB800 and am completely satisfied. As regards the future, the SB600/800 are compatible with all the current DSLR Nikons and should carry you through into the future.
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For the D-100 you will want the SB-28DX, the SB-80DX orthe SB-600 as well as the SB-800 because thay allwill offer D-TTL on your camera when using a "D" lens. I use the SB-28DX on my D-100 with no problems at all. Just make certain you get a "DX" speedlight if buying a 28 or 80. The 600 & 800 are DX.

The 600 & 800 will not work TTL at all on a D-100 unless you do have a "D" lens attached. A non-"D" plain lens will only work manual mode.

Page 8 & 9 of the SB-600 owners manual has all of this information on it. Of course you know the wireless features as well as I-TTL will not function on a D-100.

I'm not sure but I do think you can use a non-"D" lens with the 28DX or 80DX and just regular TTL will work on the D-100. All of my len's are "D" so the problem never came up with my use of the D-100. With the 600 or 800 speedlights you have to use a "D" lens for TTL to function.

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Hi, if you can money wise get the sb800 /the best in the nikon lineup.If you decide to by a newer nikon Dslr you will be glad you did!or buy my sb80dx so I can justify buying a second sb 800(grin)
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