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rolfen- having owned and used many Nikon/Canon DSLR's, I can honestly say I haven't noticed any difference in colour accuracy between the two- irrespective of the model used.
The only thing I've noticed on Nikon's is that reds can over-expose a little bit easier than on Canon's.... such as bright red clothing on a sunny day- though not really an issue once you're aware of it, just dialling in -1/3 exp' comp takes care of it...
I often find that lenses have more impact on colour accuracy than a given body- though even if one camera does have a slight difference,one can usually adjust hue/saturation "in camera" to taste for a specific jpeg output- and this issue would certainly not influence my choice of DSLR brand/model...

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Rolfen,I would imagine that virtually all DSLR users use some sort of post processing software, so I think any variance in colour wont bother them plus my D5100 along with most other Nikons will have in camera settings for you to customize.
The only thing I didn't like about Canon DSLRs is that colour fringeing is more prevalent but again it can be edited out with the right software.Get the comparison photos from a Canon and Nikon then apply post processing and I bet you can get them the same, I have done that myself.
The swivel lcd is a must have imho.
TCav is spot on when he says find the lens system that you like/want then the body.
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In the days of film, the color cast of a lens was an important factor in photography. Professional photographers were reluctant to change lenses during a photo shoot because adjusting the color of photos taken with different lenses so they'd match, could be difficult. Minolta was the only lens manufacturer that paid particular attention to the problem, trying hard to have all its lenses have very similar color.

Nowadays, nearly all dSLRs use a default setting of Auto White Balance, which automatically corrects for variations in, among other things, the color casts from different lenses, so the need to be concerned with it is greatly reduced.
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I don't use either brand - my current cameras are a Pentax Dslr and a Fuji superzoom, so I have no bias toward either N or C. I have looked at reviews and sample pics from both these brands, though, and have noted some differences in color emphasis, particularly in darker areas. Canon tends to be more orange, where Nikon tends toward red.
One thing I have heard, and recently took some attentive looks at sample shots to verify, is that Nikon excels in detail in red areas, where most other cameras tend to lose resolution there. Looked over a number of samples from various sites, and it does seem to be the case.
Since I prefer not to have either the red or orange colors emphasized in shadow areas, I initially went with Minolta, until needing to replace it.

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