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Anyone know who has the lowest price without ripoffs.
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Well, it looks like the better online discounters are sold out right now.

But, they're still around.

If you're on a tight budget, I'd take a look at a factory demo unit from cametaauctions (a very reputable ebay vendor). These cameras typically have a very low number of shutter actuations from user reports I've seen.

A number of our forum members have purchased both new and demo/refurbished Nikon DSLRs from Cameta (and I've purchased lenses from them before myself).

You have to be *very* careful buying Nikon gear, because if you buy a gray market camera (one not intended for sale in the country you live in), Nikon will refuse to service it, even if you are willing to pay them for the service.

A number of discounters sell gray market cameras, often with misleading warranty decriptions (for example: one year US warranty, which may be a store warranty versus a Nikon USA warranty) and I would not trust them to be able to get one fixed either.

Cameta is reputable (they sell only Nikon cameras intended for sale in the U.S.). They have both new and factory refurbished gear for sale on Ebay.

Here is one example of a factory demo camera they're selling in a kit with two lenses and a memory card for $699


The quality of their kits varies (some of them include what I'd consider to be overpriced junk like no name tripods, cleaning kits, etc.). Ditto for the lenses included (some are much better than others).

But, if you know what you're looking for and you're a good shopper, I'd make sure to check out their auctions on ebay. They tend to have some of the better deals around, especially on demo or refurbished gear.

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I picked up a D50 from Cameta the other day as a backup to my D200 which resides in a copy stand. No pushy salesman trying to sell accessories, I was on the phone less than five minutes. They did ask me if I wanted the extended warranty, when I said no they dropped it.

I got the kit with the two Tamron lenses and the 2gb Transcend SD card for $669. Really can't beat that deal, and those lenses aren't really shabby considering the price.

Oh, as far as "factory demo", most of this stuff is open box returns. I bought a 18-55mm Nikon lens and it was good as new, just didn't have the original packaging.
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Hey, Adorama has the d50 with the kit lens for $699.95. It's more than the previous post, but I figure if that's gone, this is an option.
Hope that helps
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