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Is there a Nikon DSLR that is better suited for keeping dust in the camera to a minimum? I primarily shoot in dusty situations, bmx, mx, r/c cars etc. I have a D1H, and a D70s right now, but I am thinking about selling it all and starting over if a newer camera has betterdust control.

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Well, the D200 has better sealing, and you could certainly look at the higher end camera's and get even better sealing and build quality. However, they are all the same once you remove a lens to swap it out. You just have to be careful to take steps to prevent dust from entering the camera body. All DSlr's will eventually have a dust issue, even the ones with dust removal/prevention systems (which do not remove dust from the body, only off the sensor). Cleaning is not difficult, and doesn't take much time.
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If it's really dusty, you can try changing lens by putting the lenses and the body inside a plastic bag. Kinda like how in the old days when people swap films and lenses inside a black bag to not expose the film.

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My D70 is very prone to dust problems and I always carry a cleaning kit but the D2X, despite considerable use in the last 12 months in dusty conditions (motor sport, arid South Africa etc.) has not as yet needed cleaning despite lens changes in situ. Last weekend it was used in windy dry conditions Friday and very wet conditions Saturday and Sunday with not the slightest problem.
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Thanks for the reply's. What I'm bummed most about is the fact that I didn't change lens' the day they got most of the dust in them.
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On my D50 ive never had a dust problem, and I usually change my lenses 4-6 times a day when I'm out taking pictures.

only exception to that is when I'm at the dirt bike track, and then the riders kick up soo much dust That I'm sure it would get all over the sensor. And I stand directly on the track, and get coated in dust. But ive been 4 times so far, and haven't cleaned the sensor yet, so the D50 seems to be pretty dust sealed.

see sample pics from last wednesday.

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