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I am almost ready to purchase my first digital SLR. My local branch of Costco has the Nikon D50 for sale at £375 ( approx $650 ) with lens. The question I have relates to white balance and shooting in Raw format.

I understand from various postings that the Nikon can become confused with the white balance when it is set at auto. It tends to either under or over expose; it also seems to render false colours. I have seen recent postings when a white card came out as blue.

The solution seems to be either set the white balance manually ( cloudy, sunny etc ) or shoot in Raw format. Is this correct ? Does the camera produce a far better image by manually setting the balance? If the raw image is balanced correctly 95% of the time am I always better to shoot in Raw format? I appreciateRaw will require far more memory space but with 1GB cards costing only £15 I assume I will get around 160 images on a card. It seems the benefits point me in the direction of Raw shooting most of the time. I have software that will cope with Raw, so are there any disadvantages in Raw shooting with the D50?

Your comments would be appreciated.

The tadge.
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I think in RAW, the WB info is NOT applied to the image, it's a meta-data. So you can set the temperature without affecting the image quality.

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In RAW the WB information is applied on the PC when you process the picture. There's an as shot option and then depending on the software a range of options to change the WB to presets or manually.This doesn't affect the quality of the picture at all.

I always shoot RAW on my D70 because I appreciate the flexibilty it gives me and I am prepared to take the time on post processing. A lot of people prefer to shoot JPG and let the camera do the work. I think under most conditions, particulary outdoor the D50 will handle the WB well. The post with the white being shown as blue was quite an extreme situation without many clues for the software to use in determining the correct WB.

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Many thanks for the replies. I had a good search on the web and found quite a few pointers. RAW is best if you put the time in on post processing but jpeg from the camera will do for the majority of times.

Thanks again.

the tadge
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