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Hi friends, one month ago I brought my camera for cleaning, there was some dirt that I could see in the viewfinder above the top left focus area that looked like to me like a lash. In any case, it didn't have the shape of a spot of dust. Today I got the camera (cost me over $100 CDN btw). Looking in the viewfinder I saw two little spot of dust this time. Came right back to the store. Everybody could see it even the manager who tried to convince me it was not important since it would not affect the quality of the photo. He may have been right but when I bought the D50 in april, the viewfinder was crystal clear. After a lot of arguing he agreed to pay another cleaning job by Nikon cause the dirt is located behind the glass of the view finder. This is why they couldn't doslodge it with the blower. This store has a very high reputaitoon in Montréal (L.L Loseau) for those who know Montréal. So I lose my D50 for another couple of weeks. My point is: is this a big issue or I'm just being plain fussy here? I'm starting to dislike very very much this dust issue. OK this is not dust on the sensor but it's a pain in the "eye" to see these funny little things in the VF when you're aiming. I'm wondering if that much cleaning can hurt the camera. The manager talked about pieces inside the cam not being air tight or something like that.* Brings me to the quality issue of Nikon. What's that? Inner pieces not being tightly enough screwed or glued? I'm so disappointed. I waited so anxiously for the return of my D50. Someone here has the same dust problems in the VF or on the mirror that drive him crazy? Thanks friends. Germain.[img]/forums/images/emoticons/confused-smiley-017.gif[/img]
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From what I've read here and other sites, this is a common (non) issue. I have a couple on my viewfinder, it could be outside, it could be inside, but I know it doesn't show up on my images so I ignore it. I've had the same problems with my P&S's that I never open to expose the inside.

The D50 and other consumer DSLRs are NOT weather-sealed. You'll have to go up to D200 for that.

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Nearly every camera (both film and DSLR bodies) will at some point get dust in the viewfinder. This is outside of the sensor area, and will not affect image quality. Yes it is annoying, but it is not easy to clean on your own, and not worth the effort or expense to have it done professionally.
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I do have a spot which is visible only through the VF. I feel that it is even dirty which annoys me a lot. I wanted to leave it for cleaning in Poland when I was on holidays (As the camera is more than a year old, I much pay for the service which is very expensive in Sweden.). Unfortunately I didn't get time for it. As my pictures are clean, I am trying to ignore it.
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