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Thanks for the update.

--------------- Bill
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The shadows are from having the flash on the camera. That is why I always use a flash bracket and never shoot with the flash on the hotshoe or with the builtin flash.

Sounds like you learned a lot though :|
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dboarder wrote:
Sounds like you learned a lot though
Yep. I also learned a 2gig memory card is not enough if you're gonna be shooting RAW+JPG. Too bad Nikon doesn't offer free RAW software...I can't even do anything with them!

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Thanks, those are good points. I took my D50 and kit lens to a wedding last week and even that was enough to have me mistaken for the official photographer a few times! What did I learn?

1) Bracketing exposures to get it just right is great for the "before" shots (piccies of church and congregation etc.), but don't forget to turn it off when the candids start. Every other photo I took is under/overexposed. The "reset" function on the D50 is a lifesaver.

2) Get yourself as close as possible to the wedding photographer as possible for the group shots so that everyone is facing you as much as possible. But....

3) Don't be afraid to wander off while some of the less interesting shots are being taken. Some of my favorite shots from the day are candids taken of people chatting while the group photos are being done. Take a zoom with some reach and snap shots through gaps in the crowd.

4) For nice confetti shots I found that 1/60 at a fairly wide angle (approx 30mm) gave the confetti a nice blur while freezing the motion on the couple's face.

Anyway, just a few things I picked up. My 18-200 VR arrived literally the week after the wedding - I would have killed to have had it there!!
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I had another question I just remembered to ask...This is in reference to the D80 specifically (perhaps other dSLR's as well). The D80 has a setting for camera flash exposure time which is defaulted to 1/60th. Basically, whenever the flash is used, the camera defaults to 1/60th exposure, unless I'mmanually setting theshutter speed(M or S mode).

This has become a slight problem, because 1/60th isn't always enough to ensure blur free images. I'd really like to use 1/200th in AP, or even Auto. The in camera setting, however does not get slower than 1/60th.

Can 1/200th be used in A, P, or Auto mode? Or, is this something I just need to work around?
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I recently photographed my brothers wedding, with a D50, SB600 A Tamron 18-200, 50mm 1.8 prime and a Sigma 10-20. I wish I`d had another speedlight( and to have enjoyed the day).What turned out to be a couple of shots of his bride and their children led to a full scale 10 hr + shoot with a detailed list of shots.I didn`t get a mention or a thank you for all my hard work ( not to mention the pestering to see their pictures the very next day).I got some good shots for ME though !!!!


Josh,Megan and my son Tommy (cropped only)
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If your gonna shoot a wedding.

Your gonna need to use a flash !!!!!

A flash on a pro-T or press-T bracket attached to the camera with a TTL cord is the way to go.

Aperture preferred.

Lens wide open (if using a 3.5 / 4.5 )

On my D200 I can use auto ISO and it works perfect. (other cameras I can't say) It is set from 200 to 1000 ISO. "NEVER HAD A NOISE PROBLEM YET"

I opted for the SB-800 because it has more power. I do have a Nikon SB-600 but just use it if needed for a two light set-up. I never have time for that at a wedding though.

With the 18/200 "VR" I can use 1/30th shutter speed with the flash if I need to.

I usually use up a 2gb CF card and 1/2 of another.

I hope this helps for your next wedding. I think your D80 is up to the job along withyour len's you already have.

Read the manual, and learn exactly what your camera can do. Then go to a church and get permission to practice. All you need is anyone that will wear awhite shirtwith black pants to act as the subjects.

The flash that is built into the camera is not to be used. (EVER) for any wedding photographs.

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swgod98 wrote:
Too bad Nikon doesn't offer free RAW software...I can't even do anything with them!
They do. But, if you want more control over the final results, they want you to buy Nikon Capture.

There are lots of other software packages that you can use to convert the images, and a number of them are free.

A popular package is Raw Shooter Essentials. You can still download it (for now). But, I wouldn't wait too long. Adobe acquired the developer's assets related to it and will probably cut off the free download at some point.



Oops... D80, huh? It may not be supported. You'd need to try it and see.

If not, there are other packages around to convert your images.

One way to do it is via dcraw.c by David Coffin. It supports the D80. It's a command line converter and Dave publishes the source code for anyone to use for free.


A number of raw converters use some or all of Dave's code in their products. One converter based on it is UFRaw. I don't know if Dave had the D80 in dcraw. 8.29 or not (that's the version UFRaw is currently using).


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Thanks guys! Good info.
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