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rjseeney wrote:
Ronnie948 wrote:
D200 & 18/200 "VR" lens I own are both made in Thailand and I have no problems. I have a friend that has a 18/200 "VR" lens made in Japan but it is no better or no worse then mine. They are thie same except for the "Made in" tag. The D200 is an excellent hi-quality camera and I really don't care where or who made it. They sure did a nice job of workmanship.

I completely agree. I can't say i bother to check where anything I buy is manufactured.
As they say "...to each his/her own".

I'm like this with other items I might purchase. Cars for example. I'd much rather buy a Japanese car that was made in Japan. Or a Japanese car period over lets say a Hyundai or Kia. Given the chioce.

Sony SXRD TV or a LG LCD TV...hmmm...

Any how, thanks for the posts guys! Have a great weekend! :-)
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DarkDTSHD wrote:
Hawgwild wrote:
My D-50 can't remember the right year. Ontwo separate occasions it got the year wrong. Once, 2098, and most recently, 2005. Month and day are fine, just the year is different. This wasn't due to a battery change, as it happened after powering off, and then back on again, later. Anybody else having weird problems?


Hello Robert,

How often does it do this? Does the D50 give you back the correct year eventually?

And thanks for posting. Though, I doubt this is due to the D50 being "assembled" in Thailand. Sounds like a fluke as I've never heard of this happening with any camera brand/model.

How old is it? Is it still under waranty? Does it bother you enough that you'd want to get it fixed or an exchange? And have you checked the Nikon website?

Good luck!

And this mini-blog is directed at any one reading this post...I don't know what it is but I find Nikon DSLRs deliver a much more pleasing color palette (some would say "consumer friendly") and picture detail. Compared to DSLRs made by Canon. It seems, when I'm looking through the picture galleries on http://www.pbase.com it's a lot harder to find pictures that are as sharp as those taken by Nikon users. Or pictures that even come close. And a lot of the time the colors look bland. Are Nikon users naturally better photographers? (wink) I had to really look hard to find examples where Canon DSLR picturesDID showdecent detail and colors that didn't look bland. (Shrugs)

Recently when I checked the exif of a photo I took, I saw the year 2005. I thought that I did a mistake with that but couldn't remember when I changed the date. Now I am sure that mine is also having the same syndrome. Unfortunately we have only one year warranty here and mine is over a 15 months old.
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Hello Swedson,

I'm guessing you also own a D50? If so it sounds like the date issue isn't that rare after all. And being that you only have a 1-year waranty (I'm guessing you're from the US?) then you'll have to decide how important having the correct date is to you. Is it worth fixing?

As I said before. It would definitely bother me. I like to look at my pictures every now and then and having the correct date is a plus. If not essential.

Keep us posted on what you decide to do or not do.
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