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The D80, Rebel XTi and the final review of the A100 are all coming. Due to a staff problem and a house move things have been delayed a bit.
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STEVE... You Rock, this site is lucky to have your dedication, expertise.
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rjseeney wrote:
BEECEE wrote:
Check out this month's issue of Popular Photography magazine.Good D80 review.Briefly, they comapare it to the D200 but at a better price.
I don't know that pop photography has ever given a bad review to any camera. It's a nice mag, and occassionally gives some helpful advice, but I don't put too much stock in their reviews. Most of their income comes from ads placed by the manufacturers whose equipment they are reviewing. Nikon, Canon, etc are not going to be advertising in a publication that has bad things to say about their products. It's not in Pop photography's best interest to be very critical in reviews.
I think it depends, at the end of the reports they do give a lot of plus and minus things. They also give comparisons to competitive products. I am not one to dwell on the negative, but I think the negatives tell the best story. (i.e. they will say there are problems with high noise or other things) I also think they have very good lens reviews, better than most. They have a good system of grading the quality of the images that can be understood easily. Also if you check out there "shoot out" type reports I think they do a good job comparison of strengths and weaknesses. I think they have allways been rather pro Canon, but this seems to be slipping. Perhaps Nikon is paying for more ads? Seems to me I have been seeing more?!?!?!
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