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Hi, I'm becoming a "desperate happy photographer". My D50 has gone through two cleaning jobs. I've had it for three weeks now and still dust shows on photos. See the attached file. My point: 1- is it possible a camera (mine) is so badly built that small particles detach themselves from inner parts and get to the sensor. That's what I tend to think. 2: could it be that by just changing lens, dust or other particles fall on the sensor, the mirror or where else? 3: can someone be so clumsy and dumb (me) that he just can't change lens without allowing dust come in contact with mirror, sensor, etc.? I'm so annoyed by this that I think reverting back to a 12x zoom P & S like a Canon S3 or Sony H5 or Panasonic FZ30.* Or maybe I'm just overreacting. Some of my friends say so and some want me to try to have a replacement. Of course, this dust thing don't affect them. One has anothe D50 and encountered this once and the others have Rebel Xt's and never never had this problem...Thanks for helping. Germain
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do you mean you sent it for cleaning twice and the dusts didn't come off? or did you clean them yourself? if you clean them yourself, what did you use?

I've only had one bad encounter with dusts. I had to blow-and-check seven times to get them out (with rocket blower). It took about 20 mins at most and I've owned my D50 for 7 months, so no biggie. When I had that dust problem, I thought I would have to finally use the sensor swab I bought, but I didn't have to. So I haven't had the need to physically wipe the sensor.

good luck.
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Hi Rey, the camera had a complete clean-up one time.* In the viewfinder, there was more of an eye lash shape thing* than a spot of dust. It was big enough to cover half of the upper left focus zone. At the strore they did all they could but couldn't remove it. When the camera came back, I noticed two spost of dust (this time real spots) in the viewfinder. It was understood the spots were behind the glass onf the vf. So it had a second cleaning. I've gad the camera for three weeks now. I only noticed some tiny, like the tip of a needle, black spot on the VF.* It takes a trainded eye to see it but it's there but it's very faint I have to admit. What you saw on the picture are new things in my pictures. I passed through all my last photos. Not there, not there, not there and then wam, it appears on a photo. Lens used was 18-55 kit. It also appears on photos taken with 50mm. Photos with 70-300 sigma are almost clean. I'm desperate. If it's my changinf of lens that is flawed, I'm the last imbecile on Earth cause I put a great attention and much much care in what I'm doing. This dust thing is drving me crazy. Germain.
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I had some dust fairly soon after getting my D50. A blower made it worse. I bought a Pecpads, sensor wand & Eclipse fluid. After a few attempts it was perfectly clean. I have had one spot since (in 6 months) which I removed with the same method.

I think there is probably dust floating around inside the camera when you get it. Changing lenses isn't such a big deal - for dust to get to the sensor it has to get round the mirror first, then past the shutter.

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Viewfinder dust will not affect image quality, as it is not on the sensor. It is a fact of life, and difficult to remove--not usually worth the effort or cost. Sensor dust on ther hand is annoynig but easily dealt with. I've only invested about 15 minutes of time over 2 years cleaning the sensor. As long as you take care when changing, you shouldn't have too many issues, but it will happen eventually (even on cameras with anti-dust systems). Make sure the camera is off and pointed down. Have the new lens ready to go as soon as the olld one is removed. Also, make sure you frequently check your lenses rear elements for dust prior to attaching. Rear caps are important in this regard...if you've lost it or have neglected using it (I say this because I wasn't always so careful in my younger days) then now is a great time to change.

The good news is cleaning is easy, and the dust should only show up against light colored, solid backgrounds (like the sky) and at smaller aperatures...even then its's easy to fix in post work.
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Enter your camera in sensor cleaning mode, put it in a clean place, say, above the bath tube, and use a bright light source to inspect the CCD. Use a air-blower to blow off large dust particles which are visible first. Then, use Sensor Swap kit to swipe the sensor horizontally across the sensor to and fro for one time each. Do remember to incline the swapper head a bit for best results, during the swapping.

Do note using the air-blower to blow away large particles first is important as scratch might result is the large particles are swipped!

After cleaning, shoot a blue sky at f/22 and f/11 and see if the results are acceptable for very small aperture and a moderate small aperture.

Good luck!

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