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How about macro works that involves tricky camera positions, limited working space, and one that requires you to hold your camera out because you cannot go near the object; but you can only hold outyour camerato wards it???

Can you capture a photo of a nice flower located very low down on ground level with a tripod? Sometimes not only that...sometimes I also see nice flowers growing above clusters of plants that would make it impossible toset up a tripod for the shot...Just acknowledge that sometimes it is impossible or very inconvenient to set up a tripod for a macro shot; I also don't think that a tripod can be as flexible as my hands.

My hands cannot be as steady as a tripod...but how am I going to set up a tripod in situations that are either impossible or difficult to???

In addition, I cannot imagine myself setting up a tripod for every macro shots. In one session alone, I can capture 10+ macro shots; imagine if I have to perform all that with a stiff tripod! :?

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I use flash for macro shots so no shake problem and controlled lighting. I usually use the camera on manual with aperture and shutter speed set to give a dark background to the subject, say f/16 and 1/500s, and let the flash provide all the light.
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