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I finally made up my mind and purchased the D200/18-200 kit.

I have been both pleased and overwhelmed with the camera so far. The camera does have a lot of settings to get used too, however there seems to be plenty of guides avaliable online to help point me in the right direction.

I'm planning on using this camera primarily for baby photos and for my older son's daytime soccer games.

I was concerned about the D200's built in flash for the baby photos so I went ahead and picked up the SB 600 flash in case I needed it. I have been very impressed with the D200 flash so far, so pleased that I haven't even opened the box of the SB 600.

My question for everyone is do you think the D200 built in flash is good enough for the baby photos? If it is I wouldn't mind returning the unopened SB 600 for a refund.

If ya'll recommend keeping the SB 600 do I need a diffuser or bounce attachment? On my old N8008 I had a nice diffuser and Stroboframe camera flash bracket for my SB 24
In the intrest of ease of use and traveling light I'm hopeing an setup like this won't be needed at this time. My wife will use the camera some and I'm really would like to keep it as simple as possible for her to use. The D200 by its self seems to be easy for her to use in the Programmed Auto mode.

I also had to get a Quantaray Professional Series UV filter and a circular polarizer for the 18-200, is that brand good? or should I order another brand? such as Hoya or Nikon? My local Wolf Camera has a poor selection of quality filters.

I purchased the D220 kit from Ritz online due to the no sales tax and free shipping offer they have. This saved me 9% on the camera. I bought the flash and other items locally as an after thought.

Thanks in advance

Greg Williams
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If you take a lot of baby pictures, you will begin to see the need for a diffuser. When you discover this need, take a look at Joe Demb's "Flip-it".If I have a white ceiling up to 12-14 feet, I always use the "Flip-it" . . . Great product, simple and inexpensive.
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Hi Greg,

The built in flash is not really good for portraits. It will luck out in TTL if everything falls into place. (like ambient light, distance etc.) Even if the exposure is perfect you may get RED EYE. Most of the time the photo will look pretty bad.

The SB-600 is good to keep. You can actually use it off camera without a wire on the D200 and still use TTL with the built in flash as the MASTER to control the SB600. Just be sure to set to use channel three. "A" is fine. Read your manual and it will tell you how to and the advantage of using off camera flash. Nikon also has a very good DVD called "THE SPEED of LIGHT" that will show you how-to and the results of using the flash on your D200. You can hold the flash highin one hand and the camera in the other and get a good photo just about every time with no shadows and perfect TTL balance.

Practice with it and get your technique down for what you want the light to do.

One thing about digital is that it costs you nothing to practice and learn.

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I have a D200 with SB600, I use a stofen omni-bounce diffuser on the SB 600, which has been left on the flash since I bought it.


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