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Hey everyone,

I am still enjoying my D50 and starting to get more pictures then I can keep track of. I am starting to do more RAW images. I will pass along my general flow for theseatthe bottom. My biggest question is the know monitors colors can vary greatly and if I am using RAW tohelp aid in the color and exposure should I get a monitor calibration tool? I know they have cheap ones forunder a hundredand all the way up to thousands. Are there huge differences in these? Does anyone have experience with them?

As far as how I use RAW I do the following
  • download from camera into a folder called 'negatives xx/xx/xx' [/*]
  • I use a tool to view thumbnails and remove any that I dont want [/*]
  • I use the nikon picture project to process [/*]
  • Save them to another folder called 'images xx/xx/xx'[/*]
I try to keep the RAW files seperate so I can save them and to not get confused as they tend to pile up. I still use JPG a lot, especially for family ppicture type stuff. So I am curious if you have a general flow for this. Any recomendations for a RAW program to ues that is affordable? I like the nIkon program, but there is not a tonof flexibility. I use photoshop CS at work and like it, but not especially affordable at for home use.
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If you're going to shoot RAW, then you need a decent converter. Picture Project is not a decent converter.

Photshop Elements has a RAW converter and would be a MUCH better option than Picture Project. It lists for $99, but you can usually find a better deal (if you're a Costco member, for example). Elements also has many of the tools available in the full version of Photoshop, so it may be all that you'll need.

Or you could get Capture NX (Nikon's new RAW program), which B&H Photo sells for $129.

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