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I recently purchased a D50 w/ lens kit. I'm new to the dSLRfamily and I am wondering what accessories are suggested/needed.

For example:

Extra battery?

UV lens filter?

lens cleaning kit?


Thanks for your help!
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I didn't buy an extra battery with my D50. This is mainly because the one that is in it lasts a very long time - longer than any photo session I've done.

A UV filter would be a good investment for protecting your glass. I have one on all of my lenses.

Depending on the type of photography you are doing, a tripod always seems to be useful.

If you don't have a camera bag, I would get one. It'll help protect your investment.
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Hello Torodiesel,

How about: How about a camera bag to protect your camera? I have a 2nd battery and would recomend a spare as I use mine frequently. I also would recomend a UV filter and perhaps a circular polarizer. I also would suggest spare SD cards and a card reader... The wireless remote is also nice to have.

Last but not least - more lenses !
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Old Nov 23, 2006, 2:53 PM   #4
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Accessory costs add up really quick. So know what you "must have", and what are "good to have".

If you have the money, and know what you'll shoot the most, you should consider getting more lenses. I had the 18-55 and 70-300G lenses for a while and decided to sell them and upgrade. I now have the 18-200VR for all-around, Tokina 12-24 for wide angle, and 50 f/1.8 for portrait.

Sensor and lens cleaners are a must. When I bought my lenses, the stores were nice enough to throw in micro-fiber wipes. I also have a rocket blower for sensor dust. I also bought a lens pen, and I always keep a lint-free cloth on my bag. For wet cleaning of sensor, I bought wipes and solution, but I've never used them. I now regret buying them as the blower has been good enough.

Tripod is a must if you're shooting night landscapes. For starters I went with Bogen/Manfrotto 725B. It can't handle very heavy lenses, but it is portable. I hike and take public transportation a lot (bus, train, ferry), so weight is critical for me.

I was happy with 1 Gig SD Card until I started shooting RAW/NEF, so I bought a second one when I found it on sale. I use SanDisk Ultra 2.

You'll get mix opinions about using UV filters as protection. I decided not to get them. I do own neutral density, and circular polarizers.

Extra battery is not necessary for me. I have shot 600 pics on one charge. So unless you'll be out in the field, or camping for a while and won't have power access, you might not need them. I'm used to going to national parks and charging batteries in their bathrooms.

Card reader is nice to have, but remember than the D50 comes with USB 2.0 fast speed. So make sure you don't buy a slow reader.

If you'll be shooting a lot of indoors, you may consider an external flash. I opted for the SB-800 since I was able to get it for $285 and it came with a diffuser and the SB-600 didn't.

I have several bags. One is a shoulder bag, that can fit everything. One is the Lowepro Orion where I can take my 18-200 and 12-24 lens. And one is a Tamrac that just fit my camera and one lens. I bought the last one since the Orion's strap is too thin, so instead of paying $10 for a fatter strap, I spent $18 for a bag with a fat strap that I can swap when using the Orion.

Hope this helps. Good Luck.

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I don't recommend UV or other protective filters. They do nothing to improve image quality, and increase the likelihood of flare, softness etc. Many working pros don't use them and they are much harder on equipment. Unless your going to be in extreme/harsh conditions (near the ocean comes to mind), don't bother.

The SB600 flash will do alot to improve your images and is a great choice to start with. A good bag, tripod, and an extra battery will also help you alot.
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A Thank You to all for the advise!

Wealready have a tripod and bought (online)the Lowepro Nova 2 bag and a 1GB SD card.Probably will buy anothercard (1/2GB)when I find a good deal online.

We'll plan on getting sensor/lens cleaning kit. And we'll have to seriously consider getting an external flash, since we do take a fair share of photos indoors. We'll hold off on the extra battery and see how that goes.

As far as additional lens, we plan on using the 18-55mm lens until we get a good grasp on using the camera. Hopefully by then, the 18-200VR lens will be easier to get and not have to pay higher than MSRP for.

Thanks again!
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