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Hello friends,
I read somewhere -could be here- there is no need to use a filter (likes of Tiffen Haze) on lens. I have three (50mm, 18-55mm 70-300mm) and bought the filters. Salesman said they would protect the glass of the lens if I ever dropped it or an object came in contact with the lens. But I read that they could interfere with the AF and/or alter the colors or qualilty of the photos. I have a D50. What's your final thoughts about that. To protect the lens, that's a good usage. Do you owners of Nikon go without? Thanks a lot. Germain.
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I used to use them all the time, but then I just stopped being so paranoid about the lens and stopped altogether, Sometimes they cause flare, and they can cause a bit of vignetting, Also they are a pain to take off when I'm putting on my more important filters (Infrared and ND400)

Don't ever use a UV filter on your 50mm f1.8, IT causes NASTY ghost like flare, On the 18-55 I didn't really notice any, same with my 18-200, But the 50mm is horrible for picking up reflections
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This topic has been discussed many times on the forums, probably as much as the Nikon vs Canon debate, and is as hotly contested. Many, (if not most) experienced amateurs and pro's do not use protective filters. As was mentioned, they can cause issues in image quality and provide no useful effect. I stopped using them when I figured out some of my struggles with flare and softness were a result of my filters, and that in 10 years had never dropped or damaged a lens or filter. That was five years ago, and I haven't had any problems. A lens hood does just as well, and actually can improve image quality. The exception to the no filter rule would be if I were shooting in an extreme or rough environment (the desert, the beach). Otherwise, filters only protect the jobs of sales clerks whose performance is based on how many of these high margin filters they sell.
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