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Hey everyone,

I have a D50 andI would like to know what the differences arebetween each of the different settings belowand what each ofthem do. By the way, please tell me where they're located on my camera andhow toadjust them. (Step by step)

1. Aperture

2. Shutter Speed

3. ISO

4. Metering

- The Cartoonist
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You're asking for a basic photography course. I suggest you go to the libray and find a book on photography which will answer most of your questions, or find a local college doing an introduction to photography course.

As to where the settings are on your camera read the manual that came with the camera. This also explains the different metering modes. If you don't have the manual you can download it from the Nikon website.
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You're asking alot for one question, and I could write for the next two hours answering them all. Basically, aperature/shutter speed (depending on which priority mode you've selected on the mode dial) are controlled by the command dial. ISO can be selected through the menu or you can allow the camera to select ISO by enabling auto iso through then menu. You can also press the ISo button on the back of the camera and then rotate the command dial to select ISO. Metering mode is selected through the menu as well.

Nikon isn't known for great manuals, but these are the basics, and are described pretty clearly in the manual. Nagasaki is right.....get a book about basic photography. It will do a much better job at explaining ISO, aperature and shutter speed (the basics of exposure) and you'll always have it as a reference tool. You could also search these forums, as this question has been asked and explained many, many times.
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I recently purchased a D50 also and like you had the same questions. Understanding Exposure by Bryan Peterson is an excellent book and will answer them all except for the one about the D50 specifically. I'm only half way through with the book and my knowledge has increased 300%. This book is excellent and verys easy to read and understand.
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Here's a DSLR website, not D50, but helpful nontheless to understand general settings:


Here's flash tutorial for the D50:

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