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Originally Posted by checklg
In the mean time I've been trying out a Hoya +4 close-up filter with my AF Zoom Nikor 28-105. This gives me a focus range of about 12" down to approximately 1.5".
If you prefer to use close-up lenses, please consider Nikon's #5T and #6T. The #5T and #6T are doublets and have diopters +1.5 and +2.9, respectively. You can combine them together, with the +2.9 #6T mounted on the lens and the +1.5 #5T on the #6T to yield a +4.4 diopter. The quality of the Nikon set is much better than the Hoya set.

By the way, two nice shots.

Nikon Coolpix 950/990/995/2500/4500 user guide
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Thanks for this. I've come across references to the Nikon close-up lenses recently in other articles, and I'm certainly going to consider them for the future.

If / When I get my AF 200 Micro I'll look at getting a Nikon T lens to go with it.

Having tried with and without the Hoya +4 I've come to the conclusion that the results may be crisper without it. As a result I'm now saving it for the real close ups, but I'll also try without and crop the image some more.

I'm also employing a shoulder pod now for improved steadiness when I can't (or wont) use a real tripod.
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