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Default Lost Access to Photo's on a Compact Flash Card Desparate

I'm in trouble. I shot a wedding using 2 separate 512 Megabyte cards. I have a Nikon D100. I used the fine mode for JPEGs not RAW.

After the wedding I went to transfer the files. I had checked both cards while I was shooting. Both were storing the pictures. I maxed out both cards with shots (already dangerous I know). I have the standard compact flash cards. One is a Sandisk Ultra 512M and the other a Transcend 512M card.

Something went wrong with the Transcend card that I had taken the full amount of pictures on. On the Apple G4 Properties shows that it has 490MB of information. When I go to open the DK100N folder where the pictures should be nothing is there. The Nikon software launches and lists the message " There is no image in the camera or on the card exit program." Coudl it get any worse.

I know the pictures are there. I don't think I took the card out of the camera while it was still on but I'm not absolutely sure. I can remember erasing the card and all it's hidden files when I was getting ready. Could some files be missing? Seems unlikely since when I was shooting I was checking what I got and all was okay. Now when I put it back into the Nikon camera itself it says no images on the card. Yet properties on both my Windows and Apple machine show the 490Mb are there. How can I get these pictures back. The bride will be so dissappointed with only half the wedding pictures. Can someone save me and her. Thanks. Mark B.

If you know of any company that can get the files off the disk please advise. This is very scary.
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Default Help is near

You can use Image Rescue to recover the photos from the cards.
For both Windows and Mac O.S.



Good luck and hope you save all you photos!
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Thanks, I got yours today but had another person recommend www.flashfixers.com which worked great for the Windows only. With your help I can recover in case I want to do it from the Apple. Appreciate your help. Thanks. Wanted to respond so you know it's important. This is a great forum. I really depend on everyone out there. Mark [email protected]
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