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Default No image Info/Histo/Highlights on D100

Bought a D100 for work ... I am the keeper ... kind of a oly 5050 kind a guy though i'm not new to digital ... i use a lot of pro shooters for my work and fill in a lot of cu product shots of cars for the big three ... anyways, bought a brand new D100 ... AF-S 24-85 G lens and a 60mm f2.8D micro as Nikon calls it for some of the closer product work. Having the cam just 24 hours, when i go into the playback menu and choose anything ... histogram or highlights or both in the display mode and enter I get nothing on the pix when i look at in the monitor ... no pic info ... no histogram ... just the assigned number in the lower right .... and the magnifying glass and the icons for moving and enlarging the image on the monitor ... talked to the folks at the store ... not much help ... even struck up a conversation with a gentleman with his D100 in tow ... we looked at his menu and what he sees and what i see are two different things ... after spending nearly 3 grand by the time a added a gig lexar and stuff ... i'm a little steamed at the thought of having to lose it immediately to Nikon ... jeeeeeeeeez. BTW, everything else seems to work pretty good, though i am slowly learning all of the idiosyncrasies of the focus issues ... i've had some great results otherwise. Any one have any suggestions, like, "hey, dummy, do a hard reboot and it will fix itself" Some how my hand shakes with that pointer in my hand getting near the little black hard reset button ... oh, and even being a guy that loves to tinker and try things out, I did read the manual .... !!!! I see nothing that is set that would override the ability to at least see the image info ... any ideas? :roll: Thanx.
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Default found the answer ... thanks anyhow ...

found that you have to turn off cam ... turn it on ... take a pic ... then turn off the multi-thumbs to the one pic mode ... again, the manual says nothing ... i'm just a hard head and found the answer from about a year ago on the nikonians site ... lol
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Default viewing info

I don't quite understand the turning cam off and on stuff but this is all you need to do to view all the info your looking for.
After you take photos just press the view button a photo will display on the LCD press the multi-thumbs left or right and it will toggle thru the different info screens you cant see all of them at once to see another photo press the multi-thumbs up or down. No need to turn camera on and off as I understand your doing.
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Default histo fixo

thanks jt ... was doing that ... somehow it didn't work until i got out of the multi thumbs display that wouldn't change until i followed those steps ... even the Nikon tech folks steps didn't work to turn off the multi thumbs to a single pic review ... i am assuming turning the cam off ... then on ... take pic ... then do the button and dial routine changed the view to single pic ... may be just a glitch that someone figured out how to fix ... or maybe that's just the way to do it ... don't know, save for that it worked

now i can use the multi function rocker and go thru the info views ... works like a charm ...

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