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jo1234 Aug 28, 2003 9:47 PM

dark pixel or spot on far right side of image is this norm
I have a new d100. Today I photographed a outdoor scene with a bright blue sky. I noticed a dark pixel or dark spot on far right side of image. I cleaned optics, changed lenses, re photographed a new image and still there. Is this a normal defect in nikon chips or do i have a lemon? when i zoom image using the enter (magnifying glass) button the spot is cropped out, is the crop 100% or in normal playback is that 100% view?
Thanks any input is appreciated.

marokero Aug 29, 2003 3:44 AM

I've posted the same thing in the regular Nikon forum:

Is it a sharp spot (made up of 4 or so pixels) or is it a smoother one, with a darker center gradualy fading towards the borders? It's most likely the later, then you may have a spec of dust in your sensor. It's nothing to lose your hair about, if it's really annoying, you can try taking it to a camera store which can safely clean sensors from DSLR's, or send it to Nikon or an authorized dealer for cleaning. You'll have to live with this periodic cleaning, as it's a fact of life in the ownership of a DSLR. Changing lenses increase the chance that dust will get in, but if you point the camera downwards when changing lenses, then chances are much smaller that dust will fall inside while changing lenses. Do not attempt to do it yourself unless you are confident you won't do damage to the AA filter or the sensor, since it would be the kind of damage not usually covered by warranty.

polarbear Aug 29, 2003 12:02 PM

Yes, it is dirt spot on CCD sensor. of course not for you clean it up as damage and cost so expensive.

If you buy camera a day or two day with problem then go back your store and replace other new one.

Because if clean CCD then you have to wait 2 weeks at Nikon service and charge you $25.00 for clean CCD and plus little charge S&H.

Good luck and enjoy your new toy camera and learn.

polarbear Aug 29, 2003 12:10 PM

If yourself say "why or how I got dirt spot on CCD?

many things reason but I don't have explain all.

1. never change lenses outside with windy or dust cause of .01mm air dust or smog into camera, never know! So if you stuck outside then your camera face down and any wind direct you need turn back (wind on our back) during change lenses (quickly, if you're skill)

2. never change lenses inside with smoking area or dust by heater or Fan.

Now you need clean air during change EVEN before change lenses so clean lenses first then change it.

It will keep longer clean ccd for a year depend... ha

I had first ccd clean a year both my d1h and d100.

So good luck again and care of it yourself.

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