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Default Buying the D100

Thanks to some great feedback - I am forging forward. Now the grey areas come into play - who to buy from, price, and warranty's.

Nikon states that if you do not purchase product from Authorized dealers, that the warranty is invalid.

Is this true or is Nikon just protecting their dealers (and price points) ??

For Example: Broadway Photo offers the D100 at a very attractive price (1429) and claims that the warranty they offer is valid from Nikon. According to Nikon, it is not valid (as BP is not authorized by Nikon).

Who is telling the truth here?

Thanks once again for the education and great advice....
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I know nothing about Broadway, but it is quite possible that they are lieing. There is lots of money to be made in claiming cameras are not imports and then them actually being imports. Is that illegal? Yes. But is it done? Yes.

A quick look at reseller ratings hows that they have a really bad rating:


I wouldn't touch them. They sound like they make their money advertising some items at lower prices and then upsell you on overpriced accessories. And if you don't buy the accessories, they will say the item isn't in stock.

I wouldn't touch a grey market item. Some will, I like the piece of mind that the warrenty gives me. That is just me.

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I'm no expert on this, but if you purchase the camera from BP, the warranty that comes with the camera should be valid (As long as it isn't grey market.) My guess is Nikon may be referring to the extended warranty BP (and other retailers) offer. IMHO, I don't go for the extended warranties. I figure if anything is going to go wrong with the camera, it'll happen within the first year and should be covered by the manufacturer. Plus, I don't plan on setting the piece on my car roof and driving away smashing to bits. Eric gave some excellent info in the above post, also.
Anyone else, please feel free to correct me on this one.
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Old Sep 10, 2003, 10:09 AM   #4
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i'm certainly no expert on buying cameras, and this is merely my opinion based on personal experience...

i recently decided to purchase the nikon d100, and scanned the countless ads throughout shutterbug looking for the lowest price. i found "an authorized dealer" who offered an amazingly low price similar to the one you found, and called to place my order. not only was my entire conversation a sales pitch from an individual who clearly knew nothing about photography or digital cameras, i found that in order to get such a low price i would be getting what they called the "grey market" version of the camera, and would have to pay an additional $2000 to get the nikon warranty and get the actual nikon slr that i was looking for. my experience was awful, as no one in the company could give me a straight answer despite my e-mails and calls to the customer service department. i continued to ask about the warranty, and the difference between the *real* nikon d100 and the grey market version that they were offering, and finally discovered that the low price in the ad only referred to the grey market "international" version of the camera that took over three weeks to ship.

needless to say, i was very upset as i felt that the ads had been misleading. one salesperson even said to me that any d100 listed under $1800 was not "the real thing." not that i will take their words with any kind of validity, but i decided instead to buy my d100 from a local camera dealer. i was able to see and hold the *real* camera in my hands, get the nikon warranty as well as the dealer's repair warranty, and i was sold the camera by experienced indivudals who could answer my questions. i paid more, but in the end felt that it was worth it to ensure that i was getting what i wanted.

before you buy, i would highly recommend checking out absolute satisfaction guarantees and ask plenty of questions regarding the nikon warranty.
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BP has a long and sordid history at being pure bull****.

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I had a very similar experience as Bumblebee. I don't think I'll ever order a camera mail order after my experience's. I did as Bumblebee did and purchased mine from a local store. Even though I paid a higher price, I also got the peace of mind knowing I got a "real" camera and full warranty . Plus the store threw in some nice freebies such as 6 photograpy classes, and some discount coupons on future purchase.
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It's been my experience that there are no deals on Nikon bodies (except the odd closeout or demo unit). All of the legitimate dealers sell them for essentially the same price. My suggestion would be to buy the camera from your local independent camera store if possible. Yes, you'll pay a bit in sales tax that you would miss if you bought it mail order. However, if your local shop is anything like mine, the goodwill you receive for giving them the high dollar purchase will more than make up for it.

If you don't have a local independent camera store, go with a retailer you can trust. You don't want to end up with a grey market body that leaves you at the mercy of the place you bought it from for service.
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If you can't afford to replace it then only ever deal with authorised suppliers. I bought my D100 through Jessops and the service was excellent. I've also bought other Nikon kit via Warehouse Express and again very good.

In some ways a "grey" purchase is a bit like second hand....
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