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Default Just got my D100!! now what????

I just got myself a D100. I like to play around with portraits. What lens is best for this? which printer: Epson 2200 or the Canon 9000? By the way, get ready, I am sure I will have a bunch of silly questions once I start playing with the camera.
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I have heard very good things about the Epson 2200. It also can use archival inks, which last a really long time.

Usually you want a lens somewhere between 50mm and 80mm for portrates. Of course, the D100 has a 1.5x crop factor. So that means you want something more along a 33mm to 53mm (of course, they don't make exactly that length, but you get the idea.)


ps. It should be noted that I don't do portrate work, so people should please correct me if I'm wrong in what I said. I'm pulling this from memory of other posts and conversations.
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in the long run there really is no comparison between the 2200 and the 9000. though slower the colors more then make up fot that. the pigments used in the 2200 have a wider color range and longevity. its ability to do closer to reality B&W prints also is a big plus. in my opinion it is more accurate printer.
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Well, shoot out all questions about the D100 As for the best lens for portraiture, in my opinion and personal experience, the 28-70 f/2.8 AF-S is king Sure, the 85 f/1.4 would be nice, but then I wouldn't have the zoom flexibility. But also be on the lookout for the upcoming 17-55 f/2.8 AF-S to replace the 17-35 f/2.8 and perhaps even the 28-70 I mentioned before. Those are not cheap lenses, so if you don't want to spend that much, the 28-105mm f/3.5-4.5D AF is a nice, sharp lens that covers the portraiture range and gives you some tele reach.
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Default Re: Just got my D100!! now what????

Originally Posted by luvharley
I just got myself a D100. I like to play around with portraits. What lens is best for this?
There is no BEST portrait lens because it all depends on your working style and need. Typical ones are AFD 85mm F1.4, AFD 105mm F2DC, AFD 135mm F2DC and AFD 180mm F2.8. With the D100, the 85mm may be better because it becomes 130mm, and the 105mm may force you to go farher away. But, it is a personal choice. I personally prefer the 105mm F2DC. If the above lenses are too expansive for a starter, try the AFD 85mm F1.8, or even the MF105mm F2.5. The new AFS 70-200 F2.8G VR is very good too, with bokeh very comparable to that of the 85mm F1.4. But, my personal experience shows it is not as sharp as the 85mm and 105mm. Many may suggest a shorter zoom such as the 28-70 AFS, whicht has never been my choice although it is good street photography.

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