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Default Just about to purchase the D100 when ...........

After several months of research, I had decided to get the Nikon D100 (I already own a Nikon N80, 1 Nikon AF-S VR 24-120mm IF-ED lens, 1 Nikon AF 50mm f1.4D lens, 1 Tamron 28-300mm lens and the Nikon SB-28 speedlight). I visited a very reputable / knowledgeable camera shop in the area and was just about to order the D100 when the sales rep suggested the Fuji S2 Pro. For the price of the Nikon D100 with Nikon SB-80DX speedlight he can get me the Fuji S2 Pro + 1GB microdrive + 4 rechargeable batteries (NiMH) with charger + 10 CD-Rs. He said that the S2 Pro provides better pics (color, detail, skin tones) out of camera than the D100. I felt confused and told him I would need a few days to think this through. I handled both cameras and I like the look and feel of both cameras. Any suggestions? Do you agree with the statement make by the sales rep? What should I do :?: :shock: :?: HELP!
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Default Your Dilema

Agiaccio, I can surley understand your dilema. I went thru basically the same thing when purchasing my D100.
First off, I am by no means an expert in this world of photography, so take my advise for what it's worth. Now, with the disclaimer out of the way :lol: here it is.
Your familiar with Nikon and it's products/quality, so your eliminating some of the learning of a new camera such as the S2. You already own Nikon glass, which will work with both cameras, thats a plus. As for CD-R's, the dealer probably got them for nothing, or next to nothing thats why he can give them to you.
As for extra batteries and a charger, My D100's battery is probably the 8th wonder of the world!! I'm sure other D100 owners will vouch for that fact!! So you won't/shouldn't need extra batteries.
As for the microdrive, I'm not familiar with that so I won't comment. As for the comment on better pics.........I don't know about that. I haven't seen any from the S2, but the D100 does a fine job right out of the box, and if you tinker with the settings, you can get some amazing results.
To make a long post short.........if you had your mnd made up on getting the D100, I say go for it, you won't be dissappointed! Good luck in whichever you choose though.
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Speaking purely out of specs reading, the S2 is a bit slower/worse than the D100 in respect to fps, playback, off to ready to shoot time, battery endurance, choice of 1/2 stop aperture adjustments as opposed to 1/3 stop w/ D100, and the S2 doesn't have ISO 3200 or 6400 equivalents (not that they are that usable in the D100, but at least they are options). Otherwise I believe the cameras are pretty much the same. The S2 does have the advantage of slightly higher resolution from their Super CCD, and perhaps better color and less noise too. Your dealer might be trying to sell stuff that he gets a higher margin of profit on, not exactly what would be best for you. That only you can decide. I liked the grip on the S2 better than the D100's, because I hardly ever use the vertical grip on an F5 at work, I wouldn't buy the D100's grip anyway, so the S2's grip would've been a better choice for me.
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