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Default D100 Firmware Update - USA/Canada

<a href="http://www.nikonusa.com/pdf/D100_wb.pdf">Nikon Technical Note: D100 White Balance Bracket (USA) </a>

(Canadian users please <a href="http://www.nikon.ca/digital/notice_d100.html">click here</a>.)

An issue has been discovered that may affect the performance of the Nikon D100 Digital Single Lens Reflex camera’s “White Balance Bracketing” feature.

When Image Review (Custom Setting 1) is set to “On” and Bracket Set (Custom
Setting 11) is set to “WB Bracketing” it is possible that the White Balance bracketing feature may not perform as expected. Additionally, if Image Review is “Off” but the “Monitor” button is pressed while images are being written to the CF Card the White Balance bracket may not perform as expected. If the CF Card Access Light is lit this indicates that images are being written to the card.

Proper operation with the above settings should result in more than one image
being photographed, each with a different white balance setting. Cameras
exhibiting the abnormal behavior may photograph several images without the
expected changes for White Balance settings.

Only cameras with the 1.0 version of the firmware will show this problem. To view
the camera’s firmware version, take a photograph and preview it on the rear
LCD. Use the left or right Multi Selector to display the shooting information. If
the “FIRM VER” is 1.0 please follow the steps below. Any other firmware version
will not exhibit this issue.

Nikon has developed a solution for this issue that can be performed at Nikon’s
service center. Any user who feels that this issue might interfere with their
shooting should contact Nikon and request a pick up tag. There are two ways to contact us:

1. On the Web, go to http://www.nikonusa.com and click the “Contact Us” link at the top of the page. Choose “Photo Equipment” from the first popup menu and “Digital Cameras” from the second. Click “Next.” On the following page enter “D100” in the Product popup and fill in your name full contact and shipping information.

In the “Message” section enter either “D100 Return Shipping” if you just want Nikon to email you a prepaid shipping label or “D100 Return - Need Box” if you wish Nikon to send you a box with a return label to return your camera in. You should recieve your shipping information the same day.

2. You may also call us toll-free at 1-800-645-6687; be aware that you may need to wait to speak with a representative.

After receiving your packaging or label, Nikon will have the camera picked up at
your location and returned to the Service Department. Nikon will adjust the
camera and then return it to you as soon as possible. This service and shipping
will be provided at Nikon’s expense.

There are no other known issues regarding the D100 at this time. This Nikon
transaction, with Nikon bearing the shipping expenses, is available only in
connection with this issue. For other repairs, either in or out of warranty, please ship or bring your D100 to an authorized Nikon Repair center; all costs related to shipping a product for repair are the customer’s expense.

Nikon apologizes for any inconvenience that this may cause.


P.S. If you just purchased the D100 check your box, if you find a small green or blue dot next to the serial number this means that your camera has already been "adjusted." Follow the procedures above to view the firmware version to be sure.

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