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Default RAW or JPEG

Hi all,

I have a nagging question here for D100 owners. I know shooting RAW and then converting to JPEG is the way to go for great images, but does shooting in JPEG fine format produce bad images? or very good images. Little confused by all this.

Thanks in advance for any help or opinions.

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now i come from shooting with a D1X. about 100% of shots in mags like sports ill and such a shot jpg. i doubt you'll really see the difference bellow an 11x14. maybe in the dark areas on a longer exposure (noise). each will have its own set of issues. shoot and try. develop your own tweaks to optimize both for your eye.

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The difference is 'in' camera vs 'off' camera processing.

RAW is just what it said, the native 1 and 0 directly out of the CCD without any camera processing. The manufacturer software in the PC do the final conversion to a viewable picture, using aperture, shutter, white balance as well as other specific camera info that is embedded in the raw file.

Tiff and jpeg files are processed by the camera internal firmware with whatever was programmed in the camera in the first place (ie if the exposure is off, it's much more difficult to correct afterward when all the original data point has been 'round-off' by the camera). With RAW, since the original info from the CCD was preserved there much more latitude in the editing, but only very few 3rd party programs support the raw format since this is specific and proprietary with the CCD as well the structure of the camera info. So again one is also @ the mercy of the camera's manufacturer goodwill...

One can also debate which algorithm is doing a better job (ie 'in' camera vs 'off' camera)
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