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Default Digital Rebel vs. Used D100?

Looking to upgrade my Coolpix 990 and Canon S400. I've loved the 990 but just want to go to the next level. The Canon S400 has been a big disappointment for me, though the camera is not to fault. I just didn't realize the quality I'd have to give up to get pocket size.

Anyways, I see on ebay that I can get a D100 used for roughly the same price as a new Digital Rebel. Since I'll be getting new lenses in the future (tying me to that brand for subsequent slr type cameras), I'd like to get this one right.

This is just a family camera. I like to take some sports photos of my sons, indoors and out. Most of the outdoor stuff I've done has been good, indoors less so. I've concluded that a digital slr is the next logical step for me.

I've read a ton about both cameras and still can't seem to conclude anything (I'm photographically challenged). Both seem the same. I'd like this for a holiday vacation so waiting long is not an option.

Opinions? Thanks a bundle! gary tuthill
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i'm in the same dilema. here are some links of the testing i persoanlly did with both cameras. both are good cameras and you can't go wrong with either camera... it's just a matter of preference. just remember though, that there is no "perfect" camera out there :shock: . have fun!


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The D100 offers the user complete control over the focus mode and exposure metering mode in any exposure mode. The Digital Rebel picks what it thinks is the best and does not allow you to override it. If you're a user that puts a camera on Auto or "P" and never fiddles with anything else then the Digital Rebel is a good choice. If however you like to total control over the capture process then the D100 is your camera. They can both capture great pics though.

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Thanks for the reply guys. Steve, your note that if I exclusively use "P" mode I should go with the Rebel was perfect. I realized that on my Nikon 990, when not in auto mode, I used primarily the shutter priority mode. In other words, with my limited abilities I ought not worry about a group of features I won't know how to use anyways. I ordered a Rebel kit w/lens from Crutchfield that was open box for 900 bucks delivered. Thanks again for the help. gary
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