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Default D100 compatible with SB-26? and Nikon AF D lens?

I am in the process of trying to decide between a D100 and making a switch to a Canon D300. I am a film N90 user and have a Nikon SB-26 Speedlight and Nikon 28-70mm 1:3.5-4.5 D AF Nikkor lens, along with many older non auto-focus Nikkor lens.

Will these items work with the D100?


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I would recommend downloading the D100's manual off the web. I was hoping to copy the answers for you direclty out of the manual, but the chart (on page 177) is not text but a formatted table (i.e. it looks ugly and is unreadable if taken out of its "table" format.)

You can get a copy of the manual here:


The file name is:

(at least that is the name of it when I downloaded it awhile back.)
Note that is 15MB, so don't download it over a modem (or go eat dinner while you do.)

The basic answer is that I think that lens will work, the non AF lens...well, that is a lens by lens thing. Can't help there.

The flash might work, but I don't belive it will support D-TTL. If it will do TTL or if you'll be manual I don't know.


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The SB-26 will work only under non-TTL modes: auto and manual. If you choose the TTL mode on the flash the D100 will lock up and will not release the shutter until you switch to another mode. As for compatibility with AF-D lenses, the D100 should be able to use all of them, including some AF lenses which do not convey distance information (though they will not meter if used under matrix metering, only in center weighted and spot).
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