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Default Using Curves in the D100

I know that when I apply a curve in Photoshop I can apply it and save the file with a different file name and preserve the original file as is.

If I upload a curve to the D100 and use it in camera does it actually change the file as it is saved if I am in RAW mode? If I wanted to remove the curve after taking a bunch of pictures would it appear as it would if I never used the curve? Does the curve effect RAW or just JPEG??

My feeling is that the file would be different therefore altering it. Isnt it a better idea to do the curve later and not mess to much with it in the camera. Wouldnt you be most interested in having as much detail and information to work with later and not how pretty the image is when it comes out of the camera??

Im wondering if I should upload a curve to the camera to get it to take pictures to my taste or should I work with the images after uploading them to my computer.

Im brand new to digital still cameras. (been shooting a Canon GL2 for video) just picked up a used (like new) D100 rather than wait for a D70. I think the camera is great and will be perfect for my needs.

I have Qimage Trial and NIkon Capture Trial along with PS7. Not sure which is the program I will work with yet.
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Uploading curves will make permanent changes to jpg's, but not on nef's. Nef's will retain all data, regardless of settings you used for curves, you can go back to any of the preset curves or no curve at all. Nef allows you to do a lot of the tweaking after the fact, but it helps to get the exposure right from the start. I use Capture exclusively, but it can't do miracles to save a hopelessly over exposed shot like 1-2 stops over.
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