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Default Something in my mind before buying the D70

For a long time eye on this new DC, I thing it is the time to go for it, as my first DSLR. But before I put the dollars on the counter, there are still something in my mind to let me hold on.

1. The warranty

I am a Vancouver resident in Canada, but I want to buy it in the U.S., because its price in U.S. ($1299US) is much lower than what I have to pay for in Canada ($1899CND + 14.4%Tax!). So I have to concern about its warranty. I think since Nikon is a global company, so Nikon-Canada should offer me the same warranty. But after I contact them, I found I am WRONG, they say they can NOT even fix it if it was not bought in Canada! What a shame!

What a shame! Nikon! ( Or Nikon-Canada! )

2. The ISO setting

Nowadays a lot of non-DSLR DC has ISO setting of 50, 80 and 100. But the D70 ISO start from 200 to 1600. I don't know whether or not I need a 50 or 1600, but I thing the 100 should be regular. I am not sure what the difference will be between 100 and 200, probably there are no difference at all in D70, but if it has ISO 100, just let me feel more comfortable.

3. The image quality

I go to the local dealer and try the D70. Just use the Auto setting to make some indoor shooting, then transfer them to computer and show them in a nice 19" LCD monitor. The image is very large, but is not so "crystal" clear as what I expect, especially at this price.

So, what should I do? Go for it or just keep waiting? I thing Canon will not just sit there and do nothing.
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I'll just address the last point, about whether or not to wait.

I wanted a Canon 300D at first. Researched, dreamed, imagined, planned, budgeted... then I found out about the Nikon D70... Researched, dreamed, imagined, planned, budgeted... and hopefully i'll be buying one in the next few weeks ( when they come available ).

There is always something a little bit better just a little way around the corner. You'll always find that the product you buy today will go down in price in a week's time.. or a month's..

I'm going to buy the D70 because I think that at this moment, it is the best camera for the money, and that it will suit my purposes. I know that a new camera will be released in a few months that'll be better than the D70.. but by then I will have taken thousands of photos that I would not have if I had waited...
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You are right, PlatinumWeaver, there are no perfect things in the world. So I thing right now is the right time to buy the right camera with a right price. The fun I get earlier from it is worthy than its price drop. So I will just try to make some test shootings at the dealer, than go for it.
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Default Buy it in Canada if you can


I just bougth one 2 weeks ago. The canadian D70 come with a two year warranty and they have Photoshop Elements 2 included.

If you buy it from an online vendor in the USA there is a 50% chance that you will get a courrier bill when it cross the border that would include the canadian taxes + some custom fee.

You can find a better pricing than 1899 and if you order form a canadian online vendor based outside of B.C. you will pay only 7% tax.

By the way, on the Nikon Canada website i have found that on top of not applying the Warranty, Nikon Canada will not service the item if it bougth outside of Canada.

By the way, the camera is really great.
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I have no experience with item 1 so I cannot address this. Item 2, the lowest iso is 200. Personally I don't feel that is a big deal. At iso 200 noise is non-existent to low and perfectly acceptable. I doubt you will need an iso 100 even on the brightest days. If that does become a problem, you can always put an ND filter on it. Item 3, I think the image quality is fine. There are a number of settings in the camera that can affect the image quality such as sharpnes, hue, and saturation. With the camera at the store, even though the camera was in Auto, it is possible that a menu settings needed changing. If you want to see some good sample images, look in Steve's review. For more day to day shots, go to pbase.com and search for pictures by camera type.

Good luck.
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1. Warranty: I'd bank on not having a problem during the first year of ownership, figure that if I did, I'd get it back to NikonUSA via overnight express and buy the camera at the best price I could find.

2. I've been shooting at ISO 200 and haven't seen any noise yet. The online reviewers, I believe, are consistent with their conclusions of no noise at ISO 200. FWIW, I doubt the camera will ever be set to ISO 1600.

3. I bought the body only, then bought the 28-200 f/3.5-5.6 zoom. I read a review of this lens at Nikonians.com and it's performance surprised the reviewer. I like the longer focal lengths as I've been shooting for decades with an 80-200. I'm not disappointed at all with how well this zoom performs on the D70.

Buy the body at the best price, then buy the lens (5 year warranty in the US) from NikonCanada or any authorized NikonUSA dealer.

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Most of the features seem to be superior over the old D100, except the "darn thing" is made in Thailand, it kind of hard feeling for me to spend a "grant" for a SLR that didn't make in Japan and make out of plastic, I may have to wait to get the new S3 later on
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Default For the purchase, use Borderfree system

Borderfree online resellers is a special agreement between Canada and USA in which you can see every duty fee and taxe. The website is


and an example of that is eCost.com for which you can buy the D70 kit for 1279U$ but the final cost including duty fee is:

1724.71$CAD (including everything).

For the waranty, in the past some trial have concluded that a Canadian corporation have to should respect the International Waranty of their main office even if the product is on gray market. But IMO, the principle and the practice are very different in this area ...
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Warranty would be the biggest potential issue you'll face. I guess it's a trade off for wanting to save some dough. I travelled overseas to purchase a D70 and the cost saving was enough to pay for my air tickets.

RE the ISO range - sometimes I lament the lack of ISO100 on the D70. Not merely for the superficial "on paper specs" comparison to the Canon 300D/10D, but for the further stop of light afforded, for shooting waterfalls etc. This can be resolved by purchasing an ND filter, but during my travels I could not locate a dealer with one in stock, and now I'm back in Australia I'm still searching (I guess one solution is to order online from a firm in the US that will charge me more for postage than for the item itself). I find the lack of sensitivity higher than 1600 more limiting than lack of ISO100 TBH. I would have liked 3200, in the one instance I found this limiting was in an aquarium where flash would not have helped but hindered shooting. Perhaps F/2.8 or faster lens would have helped too. Photos here: http://dr-cbtan.fotopic.net/c160526.html

You may of course choose to wait and see what Canon will have, however I believe the recent announcement of the black bodied 300D was their response to Nikon's D70 release. IMO that's laughable.
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