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Default Help!! just got a Nikon d70...what's wrong?

Hi everyone...i really need your help.

I just got a nikon d70 last night. I charged the battery overnight and read the start up instructions. This morning I followed the instructions and put the charged battery in (the right way) and the windows that were supposed to be prompted to come up didn't and I have a blinking "Err" message.SO I figure out the menu and pull them up myself.

The Language has already been set and the date was already correct the err message still blinking I put the memory card in...it is already formatted and reads the card. However that is all I can do i cannot change any function...essential the camera can do nothing except blink Err.

here is my question...did I mess something up or forget something or did the camera I got get returned to the store because of malfunction and get resold to me...?

Any ideas?

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Did you format your CF through your PC ? If so, you have to format with the FAT and not the FAT32!
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Reposting from the Nikon forum:

Have you tried removing the battery, waiting a few seconds and then reinserting it in the camera? If the error persists, try exchanging it with your dealer since you just got it. Otherwise you may contact Nikon for warranty service, though at this point it would be easier and faster to just exchange the camera for a working model. Good luck
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Try the reset buttom on the bottom......??????

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Is your lens mounted properly and locked in the smallest aperture (largest f-stop number). Typically, on Nikon SLR's ERR means the aperture is not set and locked at minimum.
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