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MK wrote:
[quote]All rechargeables, regardless of nicad, NiMH, Lion, etc. have a very flat discharge curve when compared to alkalines. The nature of them is to provide a constant voltage for as long as possible and then just give up.

Hi Mk

Quite right as far as it goes. However it is possible to design a meter to measure the power of any battery - No doubt it is more expensive. If they're going to save money - Then indeed an idiot light would actually be better. It would come on as a warning tow or three shots before batter failure. A non funtioning meter gives the illusion that you are keeping tabs on the battery - When in fact you are not.

Certainly if it was going to cost me an extra $500 I can understand - But essentially they have ngiven us a "fake" meter, where an idiot light would actually be more usefull.

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Lithium -ion battery has more power and more juice than NimH, it also lasts longer in cold weather condition. Unlike most reports you hear, Nimh battery does develop memory effects, not as bad as Nicad, but they are not free of menory effects, and after a series of charges, you will find down those are the facts. I read a report somewhere, the guy used 6 AA Nimh 2200MAH in the Nikon battery back MB-D100 of the D100 ( and yes it does work with Nimh even though Nikon did not recommend or mention it) and it lasts about 220 shots, with the set of 6 AA Nimh 1800 mah, about 180 shots, and for the EL EN3 Lithium Ion, Nikon claims it will last at least 1,600 shots on the D100 and over 2,000 shots on the D70 per charge.

With the average cost of about $25 per Li-ion battery, get 4 of them, you never run out of power when you're on the road. For the D100, get the battery pack Mb D100, it's more than a battery pack and it worth every penies you paid for...For the D70, at this time, no word of Nikon will provide that option (optional battery pack)in the future.

Goes Li-ion ....


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Do the Li-Ions used in the D70 discharge by themselves over a period of time like Ni-Cads do?
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I've also been quite impressed by the battery life.

One question about spare batteries. I have a spare battery that I fully charged and used very briefly (maybe 20 shots) to make sure it was working properly. If I continuously just use the main battery, do I have to recharge the spare from time to time to "top off" or is it not losing enough juice just sitting to worry about?
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My 2 cents about all kinds of stuff:

I understand that although these batteries do not have a memory, they are only good for a certain number of charges. Therefore, if you charge your battery when it is still half full, it still counts as a charge. Basically, any time a battery heats up, it counts as a charge and reduces it's life.

I still own a Sony 717 (and a Sony video camera). It the view finders, it tells me exactly how many minutes my battery will last based on the mode I am currently in. If I turn on the LCD, the number will change. It is very accurate. Why could Nikon not do something like that??

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I like the idea of two or more batteries. This gives me the luxury of completely depleting a battery before charging it. I believe it will extend the battery's life by not having totop ofthe charge. Now if I could afford a fast CF card that will hold two battery's of pictures. :-).
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