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I'm a newbie when it comes to digital photography (especially with dSLRs). I recently purchased a Nikon D70 (Montreal - Canada) and was wondering if anyone can explain (in plain English) what "backfocus" is? How do I test my D70 for this?
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Backfocus is when a picture is not focused on the subject you were taking, but a little bit behind. A simple test you can do, is to place a piece of paper with text on it on the floor, shoot it at 45 degre angle and focus on a specific line in the middle. Get sure you have good lighting and use a tripod and 10 secondtimer to stop all vibrations. Set the focus mode to AF-S and AF area mode to single area. Just do a few shots using a couple of different zoom/aperture/distance combination. Get sure that you dont shoot at a shorter distance than the minimumfocusing distance of the lens.Look at the picture and verify that the sharpest line is the one you targeted.Theperfectly focusedportion should 1/3 in front of the target and 2/3 behind.The low aperture will made the focused area smaller and the problem will be more obvious if present. Remember that there is probably a lot more good D70s than bad one's out there

MyD70 is perfect (tested with the kit lens and a 70/300 lens)and yours should be as well, sinceboth have been bougth in Montreal andare probably from the same batch.

Have fun since this is such a great camera.

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tested mine too...also bought in montreal, canada... no problems at all.
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I did a similar, yet not quite so structured test. Took a book, spread it with one hand, held the D70 with the other, aimed at the middle of the book and checked the image after...

Absolutely perfect!
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