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I am in the process of buying a Nikon D2H and have a couple of lenses a 28-100 and a 70-300. I was looking at the 24-85mm lens and have £300 to spend can someone advise me please.


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i suggest you post this in the nikon dslr or nikon lenses forums, you'll get more responses there!
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It depends a lot on what you want to shoot--macro, wideangle, more tele? Whatever, I don't immediately see how a 24-85 would give you enough more than the 28-100 you already own to be worth it. Maybe the 18-70 DX lens that comes with the D70 but is also available separately--at least that gives you back a 28-100 equivalent (OK, yes, really 27-105 if you want to be pedantic, at least on the D70, or maybe 27.36-106.4 if one site is right and the D70 ratio is really 1.52:1). Or if you're into wideangle the 12-24 Sigma, but that is a bit out of your price range.

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Slightly off the topic, but does anyone think the D2H might have to come down in price a little with the advent ofCanons 1Dmk2 ? I think here in the UK the price difference is only £2400-ish (d2h) to the 1Dmk2at £3250. I know if youve already got Nikon glass that will make the difference but nevertheless doesn't seem a huge difference in priceconsidering?
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The 24-85 you talk about, is it the AF-S version? If so, you gain a speedier AF compared to non AF-S lenses, as well as full-time manual focus override. As for image quality, I don't know as I don't own any of the lenses you mention.
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