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Does anyone have a link to a list showing what flashes (Nikon as well as non-Nikon) are compatible with the D70? I have an SB-28 (non-DX version) flash with my N60, and wondered if it would work with the D70 (and, if so, what settings would work). I'm still researching the D70, mainly trying to decide if I would make back enough to justify the cost. I finally found a local story (The Good Guys) that had a D70 in stock, and I was very impressed. I had gotten used to the size and feel of my Minolta Z1, but the D70 feels much better--bigger is better.
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The SB-28 will work with the D-70 but only on auto mode, not the D-TTL or the new iTTL. All Nikon DX series flashes will work with the D-70 on D-TTL, only the new SB800 and SB600 will be compatilble with the new iTTL mode. Non Nikon DX flashes will work in auto-mode only, no TTL. For more infor, go to www.nikon usa.com.

Sigma and Metz also update their flashes to work with Nikon digital, you cancheck their websites also.:-)

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I would check re the statement that any flashes will work with the D70 in D-ttl mode. Accodring to the instruction book, anyway, there isn't one. It says that ONLY the SB600 and SB800 are compatible with TTL flash. Other Nikon flashes going back to at least the SB-15 will, according to the book, work in manual or "auto", if they have an auto mode--that is auto using the sensor built into the flash.

The flash mode menu in the camera lists 3 main modes--i-TTL, manual with light levels from full to 1/16 (in contrast to several early reviews that said it goes to 1/64th; maybe the software was revised?) and "commander" mode for controlling SB600 and 800 units as i-TTL slaves. No D-ttl mode there.

On the other hand, now that I have had a chance to really explore the D70, I find this is less of a worry than I expected. Because you can review images immediately after shooting, you can correct flash exposure and try again if it doesn't work. I have started regularly using the popup flash in manual mode plus my SB30 in "TTL Slave" mode. I control light output on the popup using the menu, and that automatically controls the output of the SB30 as well, since in TTL slave mode it turns on and off in sync with the master flash. This works nicely for closeups and in situations where flash is the main light source. It would be more of a pain for fill flash; for that I am just using the popup in i-TTL mode.
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