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I am just wondering if there is anything wrong with my newly bought D70

1. How come the Electronic Analog exposure display doesnt show up when in the aperture priority mode and when the pop up flash is off (when pop flash is on its ok). It does show up in the display if I shift to manual or shutter priority mode (pop flash on and off)andyou can adjust the shutter speed till the exposure meter balances at 0. This I cant do with the aperture priority mode, with the pop flash off, the electronic analog exposure display simply doesnt show up and with the pop flash on, if the meter shows underexposure you have to move to a brigher area to take your shots for the exposure display to balance at zero. Have tried increasing the ISO to 1600 and the aperture toits biggest opening of 4.5 to no avail. By the way am using the kit lens in the spot metering mode

2.In the custom settings Iset the minimum shutter speed to 15 secsfrom the default of 1/60. With the flash on, the shutter speed adjustedaccordingly depending on the light condition, however with the flash off and when shooting ina dimly litportion of my room,theindicator says "Lo" meaning thelimits of the exposure metering system are exceeded. Again I set it to the largest aperture and the highest sensitivity and still the displaysays "LO". Why wouldnt the the meterjust slow down the shutter speed from values anywhere from 15 secs up? Why does it have to display LO when I believethat in that lighting condition2 secs is more than enough (In that same scenario, when i shifted to shutter priority 1/20 isgood enough to balance the the exposure display at 0 meaning perfect exposure)

Does that mean that whenshooting in a dimly lit environmentshutter priority is better than aperture priority ?Am just thinking that maybethe camera is saying that in the aperture priority mode, when the light is insufficient, it is better to display "LO" rather than slowing down the shutter speed as the available light is still insuffcient to have a good exposure no matter how slow the shutter speed is. I hope I am correct in thisanalysis and its not a defect in my camera. I am just a bit paranoid with my new camera butoverall I am very very happy with the D70!!
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Your D70 is not necessarily defective, it could just be that it's been "dumbed down" to suit its anticipated audience.

I don't know about your lack of exposure meter in AP, as mine work as it should. Only in Auto and "idiot modes" does it switch off. Edit: I figured you must be trying to use it under EXTREME(!!)low light conditions, as I've found the exposure meter does not come up when I place the lens cover on the lens, and insteads gives the "Lo" display.

The min. shutter speed under custom menu merely selects the speed that when exceeded the camera changes the ISO. The camera tends to display LO even when for eg. a 2sec shutter would expose the image correctly, as 2 sec is deemed not appropriate for most layman picking up the camera for a snapshot. Manual mode takes care of that - as it's assume whenever the camera is switch to M, the user knows what he/she is doing.

I just tried it out, and even in AP with the Lo displayed in place of shutter speed, depressing the shutter still releases it. It just doesn't display the shutter speed beforehand, perhaps because the camera deems the shutter speed needed for correct exposure inappropriate (once again Nikon engineers having to dumb down functionality to idiot-proof it).

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Well..I tried talking some shots with the LO indicatoron and surprisingly, the pictures taken werent that bad at all just a little bit underexposed.With the pop up flash on, the exposure display shows itself and you can see the slow shutter speed generated given the lighting condition.

Can you test it? Try to take a picture of your closet with the pop flash down(its not totally dark as the room light is on) and see if the exposure display would show up then try it with the pop flash on. Use the kit lens and AP mode at its biggest aperture opening of 4.5.

I agree that maybe this is just an idiot-proof measure taken by Nikon.

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