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Well, I finally traded in my Canon Pro-1 for the new D70 lens kit. My local camera shop is nice enough for me to upgrade to the D70 and lens for an additional $300, and the deal is also included the 4 years warranty. I also bought the D100 about 3 weeks ago, so now I have plenty of time to try out these two new cameras. So far so good, each has its own unique features but many similarities. One thing about the D70, to use the new I-TTL flash option, you must use the built in flash or purchase the new SB-800 or SB-600. All other DX flashes will not work in D-TTL at all, some work with in auto mode, some work in manual mode. The most recent SB-50DX doesn't even work in auto mode, just manual mode. With the D100, any DX series flash will work with the D-TTL (Nikon calls it 3D multi sensor), and any Nikon non- DX flash will work in auto mode, this is a very useful, but not on the D70.

Overall, it's an amazing camera, and the price is very reasonable, the quality is outstanding. I watched this camera drop from the saleman's hand, rolled several times on the concrete floor, and the camera is still function the way it should and not even a dent or ding, amazing, I would not believe it if I didn't see it with my own eyes.

One of the bad experience that I had that: when I first took few test shots with the camera, after view the results on my 17" monitor, tthere were 3 gray spots on most of the pictures with bright background. Since I used my Canon 10D for at least over a year, I know that is the result of the dirty sensor. By using the rocket air and spent 3 minutes to clean the sensor, the problem went away. However, this is a brand new camera, I expect Nikon should do a better job for quality control. I did exam the camera when I took it out of the box, it's indeed a brand new camera, never been used before.

The viewfinder of the D70 is subtantially smaller than the D70, but it's bright and with the grid lines feature turn on, it's really a nice feature for those folks who are familiar with the rule of third for composition. The lens that came with the D70 kit is also very nice, with silent wave for faster AF, swicth from AF to manual instantly is a nice feature, hood included, filter size is 67mm, well balance setting on the camera, cover from 27mm to 105mm (compare to 35mm), very suitable for travel. From now on, I will have to leave my Olympus 8 megapix P/S camera at home when I travel.

If the non-backward flash compatible or the little smaller viewfinder don't bother you, I do highly recommend this camera, you can handle most difficult situtations using this camera's features and it loaded with options, overall I do think it has a higher value and features than the Canon Digital Rebel, very much comparable with the 10D, even though it's not in the same class.

With two of my Nikon DX flashes on hand, I have to order the third one, it's the SB-800 DX for the new I-TTL metering.

Life is good


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[email protected] wrote:
...with the grid lines feature turn on, it's really a nice feature for those folks who are familiar with the rule of third for composition.

Except, asyou'll note - it's not split into thirds, it's split into quarters!

Nonetheless, it's a feature I quite like. Shows up the barrel distortion of the lens however. :O
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