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Default D100 vs D1h for fast action - high quality?

I am trying to figure out which digital camera would be best for fast action photography. I shoot polo matches where the horses can get up to speeds of 20 MPH and the polo field is 300 yards long by 160 wide. I am trying to figure out if the D100 would suit my needs or if I should bump up the the D1H. I'm not sure the D1H would have the quality I need to output photographic prints at 8x 10 or 16 x 20 . Any recommendations on a lens would also be appreciated.
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You definitely need the Nikon D1X with at least a telephoto high speed lens such as the Nikkor 300mm F/2.8 AF-S (or the 400mm). The D1X has all the pro features such as 100% view finder, durable body, faster autofocus module (1300 vs 900) etc...and laso has the IEE connection with your PC. Go for it ...cheers
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Default speed of D1H vs D1X?

Thanks for the reply.

I read in a review Nikon D1H Review, Phil Askey, September 2001 that
That the D1x ( six megapixel sensor) is limited to 3 fps for a maximum of 9 images. The D1H ( 2.74 megapixel sensor) is capable of shooting at a maximum of 5 fps for up to 40 frames the D1H. He also thought that the D1H is targeted towardt sports and current affairs journalists who need high frame rates and good buffer size.

This reveiw made me think that the D1H may be faster and better suited for action shots. Does anyone else have some feedback on this?
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you hit it right on the head. nikon gave up some of the HQ image of the D1x and maxed out the speed. its a trade off but for news/sports mags it works well. a little massage work back in the office ala PS/gen fractals and you a a great mag shot.

the basic issues are image size, processor speed, buffer size/speed, bus speed/bandwidth, and the killer- power consumption. oh yeah price too.
optimize all those and get a camera that shoots like an F5 or EOS and you THE camera.
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Nikon D1H (H stands for High speed)
Nikon D1X (X stands for extra resolution)

And don't forget the Canon EOS-1D which is even faster than D1H.

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