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I recently purchased the D70 after nearly convincing myself to get a D100. Why. It came down to a couple things the auto features, and the quality of the camera when I held it in my hads, be it plastic it looks and feals great.

I have previously owned coolpix 900, 950, and 5000. I had thought about a 5700 but the lcd was too small, I thought about the 8700 but I do alot of fairly close product photography, couple feet away. My coolpix 5000 had terrible barrel distortion at full wide angle and it didn't get much better when you zoomed in a bit. I always had to Photoshop them to straighten things out.

I had heard the 8700 had the same barrel distortion, so I decided it was time to skip the rest of the coolpix camera's as much as I had liked all the previous models and try a D70.

I had heard mention of barrel distortion in the D70 but had not seen it in any of my product photography so far.

The overall pictured quality in doors, flash photo or not, as well as outdoor is far superior overall over any of my previous coolpix cameras. I have seen a lack of sharpness in an occasional photo, but I have been mostly in the auto and sports mode so far.

I was at the beach this week end and in the spots auto mode taking pictures of sea gulls was very fast and stopped thier wings impressively in flight.

It is my first SLR so there is a lot to learn, but the auto feature will allow me to learn at my own pace while still getting the job done as I did with my cool pix in the past.

This is the best Nikon I have owned without question to date. If it is your first SLR it is the only way to go.

I thought I would miss the LCD to view the subjects while taking pictures, but I don't really. The camera is also so fast at start up and taking a picture as well as taking pictures in succesion that it is a dream come true as all the previous point and shoot cameras were so slow to take a picture you missed alot of spontanious things.

I look forward to learning the Manual features
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I'd agree, though I do get barrel distortion 18mm with the kit lens! http://homepage.ntlworld.com/jimbojetset/example.htm

Also I'm not too keen on sports vari-program mode as you cannot change from matrix metering.

Had a quick play withe Canon 300D yesterday, and I felt quite smug that I had chosen the D70 :-) ... while the D70 and 300D are both plastic bodies, the 300D body and lens felt lighter, and not very substantial in terms of build, like you would expect from a £800 -£900 camera.
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The D70 was based on the F80 - which was a "mainstream" film body (it has the F55 andF65 models beneath it in the range lineup), while that other maker's 300D was based on their film "rebel" model, which was intended to be entry level all along. That I believe accounts for the difference in build quality of the two.

Happy experimentation Nikon Heaven - tell me how long it takes to lose your LCD cover. (It happens to quite a number of us D70 owners, as it seems). :-)
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Hmmmm....I wonder if Nikor replaces those LCD covers....maybe D70 owners should buy them in bulk. lol

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I've had my D-70 for two weeks now and am totally in love with it. The guy at the camera store told me to shoot mainly in Jpeg Fine and that there was no need to shoot in Raw format. Boy was he nuts. While Jpeg fine makes a fabulous picture Raw can be exceptional right out of the box. After tweaking the photos in Nikon Capture I was tickled pink. Printed on my Epson Photo 960 in 8X10 Satin. Most excellent. I now have the set-up I've always dreamed of. I'm a total newbie (can you tell?) and yes I'm in love.
I've got a lot to learn on this camera before I break away from Auto but I am experimenting more. The beauty of Digital,unlike when I used film is don't be stingy, just keep shooting.
The one thing I noticed that I would like some feedback on is shooting a dark object,like a barn, outdoors at fairly close range against a bright sky. I would like to try to minimise the sky overexposure in some shots. Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks to Steve for this forum.
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I've had my D70 about three weeks now, very happy so far. Great for sports, especially night sports with flash. When surrounded by other photographers couple weeks ago at a Champ Car race, I felt like I belonged since I had a real camera. People seem really impressed when I tell them about flash sync rate being 1/500--that makes a huge difference in my line of work.

Hopefully this link will work, showing some of my night shots:


Probably about the highest compliment came this evening when I was covering a game. A photographer from the paper was there, and had positive feedback about the camera. When he saw my zoom went to 300, he let me shoot the game for the paper. Got some decent shots, fortunately.
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