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I just arrived in Florida and have some very nice views from my hotel room terrace.

The room is air conditioned of course and outside it is very humid as it usually is in Florida at this time of the year. The problem is that every time I go out to take some pictures my lense (D70 kit lense) fogs up immediately and I can't see anything through the viewfinder. Does anyone have any suggestions as to the best way to solve this problem?

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You should think yourself lucky! Over here its cold and rains all the time

Seriously though, I'm not sure what you can do... it must be quite a big temp difference ?

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Old Jun 25, 2004, 9:40 AM   #3
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Bring your camera from the air conditioned indoors to the humid outdoors in a ziplock bag. Alow the camera and lens to gradually get to outdoor temperature, then take the camera out of the bag. Reverse the procedure when taking the camera back indoors. If you have decicant bags (the ones that say "do not eat", they have sillica inside that absorbs moisture) put some inside the ziplock bag along with the camera. Too much moisture for prolonged periods may lead to mold growth inside the lens elements. Keep you equipment in a nice dry place, like inside a camera bag with decicant material if possible.
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Old Jun 25, 2004, 12:08 PM   #4
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Take along a microfibre cloth to wipe the lenses with, or if you're really daring use your cotton T-shirt.

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Old Jun 26, 2004, 1:18 PM   #5
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You could put your camera into a bag about 10 minutes before you will leave. Place the bag in a window in the sun. The room has A/C and the power of the sun will be limited for such a short time.

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Old Jun 29, 2004, 12:12 PM   #6
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A number of years ago, I visited the Butterfly Garden in Victoria, B.C. The actual garden is contained in an artificial tropical environment at around 80 degrees F. and about 90% humidity. As I was about to enter the garden, the woman at the door saw that I was carrying a SLR camera and warned me that my lenses would fog up as soon as I entered but would clear in about ten minutes. She was exactly right.

This same principal applies here. Your lenses and viewfinder will fog up as you go from an air-conditioned low humidity environment to the tropical environment outside. Simply allow 10-15 minutes for your camera to warm up and the moisture to evaporate and then you'll be fine for the rest of the day...unless you go back into a cool environment again.

If you are using a DSLR, remove your lens from the camera body and the camera and lens will warm up more quickly. However, don't do this if it is windy or dusty. The dust can get on the CCD, requiring professional cleaning.
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Races I shot last weekend went until nearly 1 a.m., by about midnight my Sigma 70-300 had quite a bit of moisture (like dew). Kept wiping it off, it kept coming back since there wasn't much I could do to warm it up. Weird thing is, I haven't had this problem with other zoom lenses on my old N60 even in similar weather conditions. :?
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