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Does anyone know how Nikon's warranties work? I've emailed them and scoured the web but turned up lots of conflicting information. I'm interested in buying a practically brand-new camera from a friend but am concerned that the warranty will be void because I'm not the original owner.

I'd have all original purchase documentation (the receipt) included with the purchase, andI'm certain the retailer was an authorized Nikon dealer.

Thanks in advance!
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Well, on my Nikon D70 it says you must present the warranty form and proof of purchase for any warranty service. Then later it says this warranty is not transferable.

Exactly how they would establish who the original purchaser was, I don't know since nothing is mailed in at purchase time. Of course, if the proof of purchase shows selling to "Jones" and you send in for repair and ask it to be sent back to "Smith" then that would be one way.

My purchase receipt has my name and address on it, it is not just a register receipt.

However, technically the answer is "not transferable".
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And what would happen with the warranty if your friend make you a gift?
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Thanks for the replies. I went ahead and asked Nikon through their site.

Basically, you're right, technically the warranty is non-transferable and only valid for the original owner. However, this would clearly present problems in the case of gifted items which are purchased by one person but owned by another. So, the loophole in buying a previously owned camera is to obtain the original sales receipt, make sure the camera isn't previously registered, and claim it was a gift. Or else, one could make a deal with the original owner that if the camera needs repair, the original owner can just take it in.

So while technically the warranty is null upon transfer, in practice I think it would be pretty easy to obtain service if needed during the warranty period so long as original proof of purchase (sales receipt) is in hand.

My two cents-- it's only worth it if you're saving a significant amount on the price of a brand new camera because who wants to take the risk for $100 on a greater-than-a-grand investment?
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