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I need help. I don't know what happened to my D70, but all of my pictures now have a green tint to them. I can correct it with capture or PS, but that's a pain. The camera never had this problem until about two weeks ago after it "freaked out" on me. The lcd went blank, the view finder was fuzzy and it wouldn't power up. Thinking that the batter went dead (didn't really think this was the problem beacuse I had just charged it the night before and hardly used it since) I put it on the charger. I put the battery back in and the camera came back to life (whew!), but now all of the images have the green tint to them (inside, outside, sunny, cloudy, etc.).

I've tried resetting the camera, but that didn't help. It doesn't seem to matter what mode the camera is in either.

Any help would be greatly appreciated as Nikon wants me to send it in for service (which I will), but I need the camera for 8/21 weekend and Nikon couldn't promise me that I would get it back from them in time.

My plan is to take the pictures that I need for that weekend, then when the camera is out for service, do all of the post processing to get the pictures corrected unless any of you have any idea.

Here is a sample:

Green tinted image

Fixed green tinted image

Thanks in advance for any help...

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Stupid question (maybe) - but have you checked your white balance setting? Maybe it is on custom WB ? One way or another, send it in because it sounds as if it has had a brain fart electronically.
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I've checked all of the settings, even reset with the two button and single button resets.

I did find out that if I use a gray card, the colors are right on. If I use the preset WB, do I have to set it each time the shooting environments change (indoor vs. outdoor)?

I do plan on sending it in, just need it for the weekend of 8/21.
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