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Has Nikon made the D70 less prone to underexposure than the D100? I friend of mine just bought the D70 (I have the D100) and we spent a week on vacation together. We took many of the same shots and his were for the most part well exposed while mine were the typical D100 underexposed. He didn't seem to have more blown whites than me.

Might this be something that could be corrected in the D100 with a software upgrade?
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New toys are always better than old ones.

D70 can take more detailed and slightly better shots than D100 due to it's weak anti-alias filter andit's improved features. I think that's why D70 doesn't overexposed the pictures like D100.

Whit my little knowledge I can tell you that with D100 you have to play more in photoshop or improve your skills with the D100.

But, what you can doo.....Our pro.friends can advice you better than me in this forum.

Firmware update can help 'may be' but it depends on NIKON to release a firmware update or not.

Just my ideas...................

Have fun.......................

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Hi Jeff

Well, you should be satisfied with your D100 and the underexposure. The underexposure lets your save details that D70 doesn't even catch - unless you underexpose on purpose. One of the problems - as I see it - with digicams is their problems with highlights and getting the exposure correct in these critical situations.

Almost all digicams take nice photos, but only a few takes nice photos in critical situations and this is why Nikon let the D100 underexpose on purpose. People just didn't get the point and Nikon got beaten for it. The D70 is more like "the people point and shoot camera", while D100 could be characterized as "the photographers camera", that you can and will grow with. This is of course my personal opinion. I also own a D100 and have NO problem with underexposure. Actual I always shoot at -1EV or even more - in Raw. This way I get the photos just like I want - personalized!

That's all.

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