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Hello All,

In Nikon D70, when I use in-built flash, pics come out a little bluish in color and the flash range does not cover intire room. But when I click in Aperture Mode, they come out reddish and covers entire room but pics are shakky.

I have heard D70 has slow sync capability and can be set up to 1/500 in Auto mode. What exactly is that? Is it any useful and how can I set anything in Auto mode????

All I want is Clear indoor flash pitures with natural looking skin tone and entire room nice and bright. How do I get that without resortingto external flash?

Any answer would be greatly appreciated.
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Flash sync, refers to the fastest shutter speed you can achieve when using flash and have it work with flash for proper exposure... actually the d-70 has one of the top speeds of the Nikon line..D-100=1/180 D2H=1/250 except with the SB-800 Flash then on Manual you can achieve 1/8000.. You menttioned shakey pics Have you shot outside in natural light? Did you notice how clear they were?

Cameras, lens do not gather as much light as we humans can, Light is the important part here To gather as Much light as we can, we use the largest apature we can
( smallest f num. ex F2.8 ) light freezes the moment.. and a lot of it and the kind is allso important...

I am betting you need to forget the on board flash ( I have never found a use for them) and get en external flash.

Try pre-set WB, instructions on how to do that should be in the manual..I think the problem with "shakey" is probley your lens not the camera it may be to slow for low light..

I hope some of this helps good Luck



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Thanks Cowboy43. Your answer helped. However, I wonder why I am getting enough light when I use in Aprture mode. I can see everything clearly in the next room too. But of course, pics are blurry as the shutter speed is not quite fast at that aperture and pics come out orangish.

But yes, I click awsome pics oudoors. D70 rocks!

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