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I recently purchased a D70 and the 18-70 AF-S Lens and have been disappointed with the sharpness or clarity of the pictures that I get. I switched from a Olympus C-5050 digicam and the pictures I shot with it are sharper than the ones I get with the D70. I've tried shooting from a good quality tripod at different F stops and Shutter speeds, different focusing mechanisms, zones, etc. and I just can't seem to get the crystal shot. I usually shoot on the P with custom settings.

Is there something wrong with the focusing system or the lens or what? I don't have another Nikon lens to put on the D70 for comparisons.
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Perceived sharpness can be due to a number of reasons:the most important distinction between the two digital camera types IMO is depth of field. P&S cams have almost infinite perceived depth of field at any aperture within its range as the sensors are tiny with correspondingsmall focal lengths in real terms. This gives rise to the perception that images coming from these cameras are "sharp". The effect is compounded by the universally extreme in-camera processing.

DSLR have a completely different design philosophy from P&S cameras. To preserve maximum image quality requires very little in the way of camera processing. Most DSLR shooters utilise the RAW mode, which bypasses any image processing altogether. They are intentionally designed this way to allow maximum flexibility in end user image processing options. The photographer enjoys the flexibility of controlling all aspects of manipulation and choices of levels of image processing to suit their end needs.

If you so desire, youcan get "crystal shots" far exceeding the quality of your old Olympus C5050 with the appropriate post processing. The choice is also there to preserve the image rendition accurately reproducing what the eye saw. The option is also available to make dynamic prints with extremely high contrast and saturation.

It basically comes down to your personal preference and how you want your images to be presented. Your choice may be the furtherest thing from my preference of a good image, however the same DSLR camera is more likely to serve both our needs simultaneously than the same P&S model camera.

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I also went from the Olympus C5050 to the D70, but without the kit lens. At that time it was easier to get the camera itself. I shoot everything in fine jpeg and have no problems with clear, sharp photos. All these settings can be adjusted in the camera using "Optimize Image" in the menu and customize your own settings. When your finished, don't forget to hit "Done" or it will not retain your settings. Try different settings until you find the combination you like.
Looking at your post I would try these to start.
Tone comp... -1
Color Mode.....1
You can play with these until you find something that pleases you.
Have fun.

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Thanks to both of you, the responses were very helpful and I was able to achieve the type of sharpness I'm used to with the adjustments suggested.
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