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Question: If I shoot Raw + JPEG (Basic) will the JPEG (Basic) provide me enough of a quality image to print up to 8X10 and allow me to do some small amount of processing or would I be better off shooting each scene in Raw and then repeating the shot utilizing JPEG (fine) with bracketing? I shoot mainly landscapes and portrait scenes. Eventually I may want to be able to sell some of the photographs if I ever takephotography beyond a serious hobby.

I'm new to the dSLR world and am in the process of learning the D70 and digital processing utilizing Photoshop CS. At this point in time I would prefer not to force the introduction of digital post processing with each of my shots in a work flow but be able to go ahead and just review the shots and print up to 8X10s for those that come out looking very good.

I do however want to have the flexibility of post processing if the shot has exceptional promise and enlarge to say 11X14. In my understanding of the Raw image, it seems like Raw would be the best way to go since it would give me the most flexibility and ability to compensate for sub-optimal exposures and white balances.This is important to me since I'm in the process of learning about proper exposure, white balances, etc. However with shooting Raw I would need to post process every picture.
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In my humble opinion (which won't buy you a cup of coffee!) jpeg basic would not give very good quality on enlargments. I shoot mostly jpeg fine and have enlarged to 11x17 with beautiful results.

Post processing has a major effect on the image. If you shoot jpeg fine and then resave in PS or PSP using jpg with max compression, you wasted time (and memory) shooting jpeg fine since the resave will reduce the quality significantly. Set your jpeg save options to minimum compression, maximum quality.

I have not had significant experience with NEF or TIF formats. I do know that on my D100, NEF at largest image size takes about 12mb per image and TIF takes about 17mb. I am going to Hawaii in about two weeks and I just bought a Hitachi 2gb Microdrive. Now that I have a lot of storage capacity, I plan to shoot some NEFs and a lot of TIFs on that trip. The microdrive will hold about 600 jpeg fines, or about 120 TIFs. I will also have four 256mg CF cards with me.

I hope I have answered some of your questions. Good Luck.

Cal Rasmussen
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Tif's are a waste of storage space in camera. Shoot NEF and later batch process to create lower compression, higher quality jpg's that are sharper and crisper than out of camera fine jpg's.
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As Carl states, I wouldn't count on being able to do much with the jpg basic. Raw shots are still big with the D70, but thankfully they are only about 5 to 6 MB instead of 12MB on the D100. I'd love to know more about post processing myself, but just handn't been able to spend the time to learn it very well yet. I always hear everyone say that RAW is straight from the camera with no prcessing. While this is true, I've noticed that Nikon Capture will display your RAW picture with the settings that your camera was set for applied to the picture (white balance, etc). Becuase of this, I have found that I've been able to get some great shots from RAW with less time and tweaking than one would think. On many shots that I especially thought the camera did well on, I merely do a batch conversion to sharpen and save as jpg so that I can print it. Of course the great things about saving my raw files is I figure once my skills are better, I can always go back and retouch pictures to improve the ones that I think are worth it.
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From my experience, JPEG artifacts are very prominent when printed(even at 6x4), more so than high ISO noise - so I would not recommend trying to obtain large prints from JPEG basic.
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12MB NEF's from D100? All my NEF's top out at 9.5-9.6MB :O
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