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I have been wondering why the file sizes that I get from the D70 on its "best" setting for quality which is "Fine and "Large" are only giving me about 2.75 Megabytes per picture.

This camera is supposed to be 6.2 megapixels and I would have expected a much bigger file than that. I know I can get a bigger file size if I use the "Raw" setting but for most purposes I dont need that huge uptake of space on the Hard Drive.

I am further perplexed because my Olympus E20 that I had before the Nikon gave me about 3.75 Megabytes per picture and I have to say was a much better picture with more detail etc. in spite of it only having a 5 megapixel CCD.

Have I totally missed something from the Instruction manual regarding the settings of the camera or does anyone else find the same file size occuring on theirs?
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Don't forget that a JPG is a compression scheme. If you wanted the 'full' data set, you should shoot RAW which is around 5.5 mb each. Most people can't notice the difference though if you just shoot jpg, with the highest quality (fine), the degredation is extremely minimal for a saving of at least half of the file size. If you shoot RAW though, if you use Nikon Capture 4 or PS CS, you get some additional controls over exposure, being able to sharpen on your own (I tend to turn off sharpening completely w/ the RAW format and do my own Unsharpen Mask), etc.

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