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Hi All,
Like so many others on this forum (it seems) I'm at the point where I'm ready to get serious with digital and take the SLR plunge. My primary interest is wildlife photography. I have pretty much decided on the D2H.
I am also very much interested in remote, wireless camera comtrol. Some of the new low end fixed lens digitals are coming equipped with Bluetooth compatability (very short range). I am intrigued by the 802.11b option for the D2H, which, BTW, is NOT the reason for choosing this model.....as many have pointed out on this forum, the D2H seems a good choice for shooting wildlife.
My question is this:
I know that the "wi-fi" option on the D2H is for long distant (300' max.)uploading of images. Can it be used in the other direction? In other words, can I send commands back to the camera, from a Wi-Fi equipped laptop, to adjust camera settings, trip shutter, etc.?
I realize that this takes specific software to do this, which is available.
Many situations come to mind where it would be a huge advantage to have "complete" remote camera control, from a laptop, not just shutter release (Pocket Wizard, et al.)

Dpreview gives the wi-fi accessory a big "thumbs up", also saying that more are soon to follow. No mention is made of it being capable of receiving commands, so I'm guessing that it does not have that capability. This feature has got to be coming soon, one would think.

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