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JoeB_UK wrote:
what effects does the dust have on results?

I notice it mostly in the sky of my pictures, but if I don't have a sky then I usually don't see it. Anyway, dust just shows up as spots (kinda of like water stain spots). Unless you have a lot of dust you can usually clone it out pretty easily or use Nikon's dust removal ability via Nikon Capture and a dust reference shot.
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PrmseKpr wrote:
A couple other questions I thought of:
1: The D70 doesn't shoot below ISO 200, is that a bad thing? (I'm no expert!, my FZ1 shoots at 50-400)
2: The D70 has a 5 point auto-focus and the Rebel has a 7 point auto-focus... again... opinions???
Thank you!
1. It would only really be a problem if the noise level at 200 was noticeably worse than the noise level at 50, 64 or 100.I have not really tested my own D70 yet but I've never read any complaints about noise at 200. Therefore you should be getting clean pictures with a choice of faster shutter speeds in any given situation. Of course, the other reason to choose 50 or 100 ISO is if you want longer exposures in normal lighting. The fact that the D70 only goes down to 200 would mean that a neutral density filter may be needed if you like taking long exposures in daylight (eg to get the look of water flowing like a blanket over rocks)

2. Depends how you like to focus. I prefer knowing where the camera is looking and so i always have my focus point set to the central focus point. I can then focus, lockand recompose if i want - rather than focussing and then double checking in the viewfinder that the camera has been clever enough to choose the right focal point. On that basis, a single focal point is enough for me. The D70 does have a dynamic mode where the other focal points help keep track of a moving subject. Not sure whether the Rebel does this. If it does, the extra 2 points may give a marginal benefit. If not, the extra 2 points would seem to be little more than a gimmic. At the end of the day, focus accuracy is more important than the number of focus points IMO.
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Okay, here's another question:

I suppose you would want to minimize the amount of lens swapping to help avoid dust and other particles getting on the sensor, so...

What lens do you leave on the camera a majority of the time?

My current camera is a Panasonic DMC-FZ1 and it has 12x optical which they say is equal to 420mm. I like the zoom!

Thank you!


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My current walk around lens is a Tamron SP 24-135mm MACRO f3.5-5.6 AD Aspherical (IF). Not a PRO lens but this is a very good lens. Its quality is very good. Check that photozone site to see where they think it fits in optically.
This lens will hunt sometimes in some low light conditions and is not as fast to auto focus as the DX lenses, but to me the shots are very good.
I bought mine here:http://www.bhphotovideo.com/bnh/cont...=213156&is=REG
This is not a very fast lens like an f2.8 but still an excellent walk around lens. IMO Good Luck!

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I just check out the D70 a few hours ago for the first time, and when I looked through the viewfinder is was SHOCKED!! literally. The viewfinder felt like looking into darkness with a small window at the end of the tunnel. Other than that it felt very good in my hands and had a good feel to it. But if I were you I'd go for the *istDS. The viewfinder is still not as good as 35mm, but its waaay better than the really small (it is really small) viewfinder of the D70. The D70 is just a little bit more attractive on the outside.
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I just check out the D70 a few hours ago for the first time, and when I looked through the viewfinder is was SHOCKED!! literally.
If you were "literally" shocked then you may suffer from a somewhat higher than average built-up of static electricity. If you are going to be dealing with senstive electronics you may want to invest in an anti-static wrist band and pay attention to what surfaces you are coming in contact with.

Non-natural fibres are apparently unable to earth as well as ( if at all ) natural fibres like cotton or wool. You may want to look into this as a solution to ensure you don't get shocked anymore.
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About avoiding lens changing:

When I first got the D70 I was trying to do this. I have given up. I still try to be more careful than I used to be with 35mm SLRs about pointing the camera down, not changing lenses in very dusty places, and not doing unnecessary lens changes (e.g., I leave whatever lens is on the camera on it until I need another one, rather than changing to some standard lens just in case), but there are lots of well-documented techniques for cleaning sensors; I have used both blowers and swabs now and the blower works sometimes, when it doesn't the swabs do. There's no point in having an interchangeable-lens SLR if you aren't going to change lenses, or only change them under really desperate need. I have only once had a big chunk of dust land on the sensor during a trip that was a bit of a pain to clone out later, and by changing lenses pretty freely I have gotten lots of nice shots I might not have otherwise, which is the point of the whole business.
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