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Hi Nadia,

Congrats on your memory! I'm sure you'll learn this for yourself over time, but I thought I'd share this bit of information I have learned. I have the D70 and I typically shoot in raw on my 512MB card .... yes the counter always says I'll only get 47 pictures, but the counter is very conservative. I have found you can usually get in the 85 to 90 range. :-)

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I'm with mdparker on this, the 47shots displayed on the D70 is an approximate reading, and from my experience seems to fall very very short of the actual mark.

Admittedly, with the speed of the card and the speed of the camera you can take ~80 shots very quickly, but the feeling that you get that you'll need to conserve space when you see that 47 displayed should be pushed to the back of your mind.

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With a 512 Mb card i do close to 100 raw shots. My average raw files are 5.5 Mb. So 512 divided by 5.5 equals 93. Conservative you said...

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I purchased a 2gb Hitachi Microdrive for my D100 about a month ago and it works perfectly. The speed is comparable to a Sandisk 256mb card. In all respects, it functions and performs exactly the same as a CF2 card. For $280, it is a much better buy than CF cards of the same capacity.

There is also a 4gb model available that will work on the D70 if you have the latest firmware. I don't know the price of that unit.

Earlier versions of the 2gb Microdrive did not handle shock and rough handling very well but the new version have more internal cushioning and can handle 2000g. Not sure on that figure. Don't use it as a baseball but normal handling should present no problems. The only caution is the the top and bottom of the case are quite thin. The drive should be handled by the edges.

Do a search on Microdrive on Steve's main page and you can find a very detailed review of the drive.

Cal Rasmussen

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I am glad to know that I may be getting more shoots than I thought. I will be taking some family pictures today and see how it works out. Thanks for all your advice and help on this issue. Everyone have a great day or night.

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I was in Costco in Windsor Canada on Saturday and they had Sandisk 512 mb UltraII for $99.00. IThey also had the Canon i960 printer down to $169.00 if anybody is looking.
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