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Default D100 with 8mm Fisheye

Have been using a Coolpix with 8mm fisheye to make virtual reality panoramas.
Acquired an 8mm AF lens and anticipating getting a D100 to do the same. However, I just noticed that the D100 has a 1.5x factor which is to be taken into consideration. Does this mean that I will not be able to acheive the desired results with the 8mm lens and the D100? Help needed. Thanks.
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Yep, that's what it means.

8mm x 1.5 = 12mm

If that's one of those "Russian" 8mm lenses, I don't think they are of very good quality. Saw one with a Canon AF mount and it pretty well stunk

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Default D100 with 8mm Fisheye

Yes, you'll have an equivilent focal length of about 12mm. Very wide but not 180 deg. If your stitching program allows 3 or more images to make a 360 you can go ahead and use it. Another problem you might find is that if the lens is not AF (I don't beleive Nikon makes an 8mm AF Lens) the camera will not function.
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Default With all due respect...your math is wrong

With all due respect...your math is wrong.
8mm X 1.5 DOES NOT equal 12mm.
The 1.5X multiplier factor ONLY applies to Rectilinear lenses.
(Rectilinear lenses don't bend lines, fish-eyes are NOT retlilinear) (don't confuse converging lines with curving lines) (convergence implies perspective and view point) (bending/curving lines is the sign of a mad-man/mad-woman at
work...just kidding)
Indeed, a 20mm on a D1X becomes a 30mm.
Fish-eyes do not enjoy the same linear
conversion factor.
Example: the 16mm Full frame Nikon fish-eye is "wider" than the 14mm "Rectilinear" lens on the D1X (Even though 16mm implies a longer focal length lens than a 14mm).
When you bend lines you have a different set of rules.
I love the 16mm on the D1X, I wish I had the 8mm.
For the readers that don't know:The 8mm renders a circular image the 1 inch height of the 35mm film
format. Seeing 180 degress (on film).
The 16mm is a Full-frame fish-eye seeing 180 degress corner to corner (on film).
In closing, the 8mm will not be 12mm on the D1x, but it will be fun.
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Default Hmmm.

So, my 16mm fisheye coverage on a D100 is more like what? 18/19/20mm 35mm equivalent?

ie don't buy a 14mm (rectilinear?) for wider coverage (21mm equiv't)? Or is there some other 14mm lens that IS wider than the 16mm?

If you crop down to 12x18 within the 22mm image circle of the 8mm fisheye, what kind of 35mm equivalent angle of view is obtained?
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Because the fisheye is NOT rectilinear, it willprobably not work on a D100. The fish image is a circle and the VR SW for fisheyes uses this circle to create a hemisphere of vision, If the D100 sensor isa not big enough to include the full circle then the SW obvioulsy can not fully work.

Frankly, given the low res of fisheyes, you may find it cheaper to use a Nixon 9XX with its attachment as a dedicated VR machine.
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